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Surprisingly Hispanics Have Low Divorce Rates, Perhaps Because so Many Never Declare their Marriages to Get Welfare

When divorces and no-fault divorces began the women were not lavished on and given 80% of the mens money and the men were not immediately tithed into lifetime slavery to their old ex-wives.  The worst fathers were the aggressive and often violent brown races which eventually led to a culture of “protection” of women in divorce courts and claims of abuse led to restraining orders and even jail time for the husbands.

This pattern became established and eventually found its way even into Europanic American divorces with the handouts to women getting ever more lavish as the Gynocentrism rose.

Further expelled ever faster by more and more men seeking 18-24 year old fertile women for wives, women began to play men, seek adoration, until finally they would be pampered as queens well into their early 30s. Again reducing the field of fertile available wives for men. This led to a snowball effect of ever increasing gynocracy.

Finally divorce became a sensible option to most women to pursue even in happy marriages. The cash settlement would make them queens who didn’t have to work for the rest of their lives. It was a very attractive offer.

As a result, fewer and fewer children were being produced while much of the brown races just played in the “on the down low” free sex shuffle without ever considering marriage. In order to accomplish this and fix the tide of screaming starving fatherless brown families the welfare system was created.  And this provided the same rewards for divorce, but more often non-marriage childbirth for the brown races, as the Europanic women were enjoying.  Welfare programs that gave the best housing to those that produced the most bastard children sprang up, and the government set up payola which paid more for every child the women had out of wedlock. This increased the taxes on the working men.

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The Europanic men found that they could no longer afford to buy a house and raise a family and get married, and as Europanics do not reproduce in high stress situations as a general rule (let’s call it captivity), fewer and fewer babies were being created.

This tilted the society population from 90% Europanic to 65% Europanic in just 50 short years. And the next 50 years would reduce it from 65% Europanic to 35% Europanic – a doomsday scenario for the society. Without that strong Europanic worker mule to pay all the net taxes (women are net tax users as are nearly all brown races), society began to issue fiat currency as debt.  Eventually no one had enough money to purchase all the debt bonds, so the first step – to entice them with good returns – began in earnest in 2018.  A guaranteed steady 3% return on investment over the short term, or even 5% returns, began to be offered. And secretly behind the scenes the private federal bank bought up more and more of the debt. While 96% of the profits had to be returned back to the treasury, they got to play with that money, trillions of dollars, before having to do so.

This game ran into trouble though, as the line item interest payments on 22 Trillion in debt began to exceed FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR. AGain this happened in 2018.  Now trapped in a constant cycle of need for more buyers so increased interest rates which increased more debt, the nation was essentially murdered.

The Gynocracy finally began to see the collapse of pension funds and state budgets as the more communist pro-illegal alien parts of the country began to hit financial insolvency. Unlike 2006 there would not be a 100 billion dollar bailout of California. No this time it was real.

A group of smart leaders began to unravel this and wishing to avert disaster came up with a plan. It was quite simple.

First, the standard tax rates were increased from 40% to 65% for everyone. Single people who did not have children and married couples with both children and a high enough income would get a tax credit lowering their rate back down to 35%.  Families who had four or more children with sufficient income to raise them would see their tax rate fall to 20%.

On the welfare side the plan was more drastic. Rather than have a welfare system at all, it was decided that to be fair, every American citizen would be given $12,000 a year. No free housing, no free medical, just a flat $1000 a month. To everybody.  Since the money was already fiat currency there was no issue with increasing the money supply.  With more dollars in peoples hands more spending would boost the economy.  Suddenly it was a BURDEN to have children on welfare as that would make you poorer and poorer.

Sure many complained that the new system was harsh and unfair. “What about the children” and it’s true in many cases the children had to be taken away from chronically bad welfare mothers who faced forced sterilization. Not very free at all.  But there just weren’t any other options.

Divorce courts were also regulated such that all alimony was thrown out all together. And child support payments had to be limited to 25% of the fathers after tax income. No more.  And the practice of just giving the house and 80% of the mans belongings also was terminated.  Savings and Real Estate was split up based on the proportion of the male income vs. the female income during the marriage, plus their savings as declared prior to entering the marriage. In this system many women walked away with a small pittance and faced dire poverty. Suddenly divorces stopped.

As marriage stabilized once again, there were fewer men chasing one woman to marry.  And suddenly women’s golden throne from age 15 to 35 was removed.  They began to realize if they didn’t marry while fresh and before age 26, it was all over for them.

Men began to get respected again and actually worked harder.  The “societal minimum” payments of $1000 a month weren’t much, but it guaranteed that no one went homeless or starved.  Some took that money to cheaper non welfare nations and formed new settlements, spreading the Europanic Gene-stock far and wide around the world.

The government moved the private FED bank into it’s treasury department. The ruse of interest payments was abolished and it simply issued the currency it needed to run.  a 20 year plan was adopted to slowly pay off the 25 Trillion dollar deficit just by issuing the dollars.  At the same time, America’s warfare policy also had to come back to earth, and the ONE TRILLION DOLLAR a YEAR budget for war and spying was cut back to a more realistic 400 million.  It would still take years to bring the budget to a neutral non deficit bias, but it would happen.

Slowly the old welfare and gynocratic state was removed piece by piece. Affirmative action, hate crimes. antifa, they all just faded away. Few people tried to cross the border illegally for fear of being shot, and those that overstayed visas faced a month of hard labor in prison for the first offense. They did not often repeat it.  The rights of citizenship were restored and the nonsense of anchor babies were thrown out. No babies would be citizens unless one of their parents was, pure and simple.  And anyone providing banking services, jobs, or housing to illegal invaders got tossed in the hoosegow.

The people were happy again. All it took was a bit of courage and leadership and the guts to go through with it.  The huge socialist pension programs for lazy female government workers were given the heave ho as well. 401ks for the lot of them, and the government would get them started by depositing 10k into the account of anyone who had worked for the government for 10 years or more.

Doctors who had long scammed the nation with 800k a year salaries and Insurance companies which charge huge fees were dismantled. First a medical visa was created called the M-1B, which brought in doctors from around the world happy to earn 60,000 a year.  Insurance was no longer tied to employers and sold on open markets. People could buy as much as they wanted with the services they wanted.

Antifa held one last assault in Portland, but most ended up shot in the head so the next monthly rally few showed up.

And voting was moved from ballots to the “poker chip solution” so that everyone who cast their vote could immediately see the tally at the local voting precinct, and at the end of the night these were all posted on the internet. No more closing the doors and stuffing the ballot boxes.  Voter ID? No need, your retina scan will work perfectly fine to establish you are a citizen.

It took some time to adjust to NewAmerica with the dysgenic races grumbling the most. Where was the free housing, the food stamps, all the handouts they once had.  That $1000 a month meant just a simple room to rent not a house, and the more chillin they had the more broke they became. “We need more, more more!” they screamed. And the democrats reached out to help them, until the party was banned for pushing communism in America.  A new AmericaFirst party was formed to push the sell out Republicans in line. It would no longer be a two corrupt party system.

slowly a sense of normalcy returned. Men were happy to work hard with loving families as their goal.  There was finally enough money to ensure the elderly were taken care of without the social security ponzi scheme. And a few thousand “adult babies” on disability were marched into the tobacco fields at the end of electric cow prods. You can hear their screams each time it lands in their butts.  And somehow, hearing their cries as they work in the hot sun, a small smile drifts across my face. America, you have been reborn.