Ah Bush. Globalist. Criminal. CIA director. Murderer of Kennedy. There’s a lot to talk about.

Most destructive of all was his SIX TRILLION DOLLAR war in the middle east, a war his son would resume.  Or wait, could it instead be his pushing for NAFTA and GATT which sucked all our factories over to Mexico with a giant HR Perot Sucking Sound ?

Hmm, or could it he his read my lips no new taxes…er no GNU taxes. He kept his promise GNUs were never taxed.

A traitor, a failure, and a criminal. SEVEN DAYS of celebration for the nation on his passing. That’s a lotta fuss for one criminal! But at least it did force El Trumpo and Shrillary Mittons to shave the same church pew, at least for a minute. Hillary stared straight ahead steely eyed. Perhaps that will remind trump of his campaign pledge – LOCK HER UP.