nov jobs

Our breakeven number for enough new jobs created to match the number of new people in our nation is 150k. In 1970. Yet media continues to quote that misnumber time and time again.

The real number is 250k new jobs are required just to keep up. So how is Trump really doing? Just THREE months out of his first two years make the cut. All the others we actually were losing jobs with respect to whats required.

And it’s worse than that. To make up for the horrific Bush collapse and Obama depression, we actually need to be making 350k-600k new jobs each month to climb out. A whopping 92 million are not in the work force any longer. And that number hasn’t changed.

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Worse, the FED is acting like it’s a recovery when it’s not. Which is collapsing the loan markets. They are madmen, almost acting like they intentionally want to collapse things. But really they are responding to the massive overspending. they have no choice. Because to get enough demand for our 22 T debt, demand for gov bonds has to rise.

We should be taking a hammer to our budget, bringing all troops home, ending all wars, and putting a freeze on all government salaries, budgets, and welfare payments.

We should have standard tariff policies that would hit crappy countries with 25% tariffs across the board. That would bring in another 400 M a yar.

But we don’t. Trump is acting like it’s boom times. It isn’t. The middle class didn’t get a tax cut, only big business did. Worse, he removed the incentive for buying a house by raising the standard deduction. For most americans that means its now the same to rent as to buy. another blow to the housing market. Oh how quickly we do bleed when first we try to deceive