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So the first topic, the changing racial makeup of America, we discuss in this post below.


For MOST OF OUR EXISTENCE the U.S.A. has been 90% Europanic. We were christians mostly, puritan hard work ethic, we got things done.

Now it’s a bunch of namby pamby communists sipping on their welfare straws in their adult baby pens, all paid for by the few dumb Europanic worker goats.  We call them Democrats, Welfare Scum, Socialists, Traitors. But the reality is, it is both a cultural change that has destroyed America, and it is a racial change.

For nearly all of our existence, even during the 1910-1930 industrial age boom, the hoards and masses who emigrated here were hard stock Europeans, the toughest of tough, starting over in a new land without welfare or handouts. And they made it. They became us.  We have seen this many times in history – Egypt, India, Greece all started out as majority Europanic populations that bred with non-Europanics and gradually the whole culture changed never to exist at the same height again. That’s the fear for America’s future. You cannot separate the race and the culture, because genetic traits tend to manifest as culture. While we can try for a unified culture, once other racial groups dominate they will bring a cultural sense that is what they tend to produce. The high-science high-inventive society that led to prosperity will be no more. And that will be a negative for non-Europanics as well. So in many ways, the goal of preserving our genetic balance is not anti-minority, it’s wishing for the best outcome for everyone.

What of those who argue that culture can be learned. A great melting pot. The evidence just isn’t there for it. Even the minor differences between Europanic dominated nations shows that each has it’s own quirks and differences – Finns are smart but a bit robotic and cold, Swedes seem swept up in progressivism, Germans have the trains on time, and Italians cook the best food but don’t run governments so well. African nations are usually at war and unstable with run away population growth and scarcity, while Asian nations (especially non-Japanese) tend to assimilate, work hard, but seem to be less inventive. Are these just generalizations without proof? Maybe. But if the thesis is correct, the danger to our nation is dramatic and alarming as we lose both our culture and genetics.


Now that has changed. Blacks have bred on welfare affirmative action free college and other handouts increasing their numbers dramatically, they are now 14% of our population up from a historical 9%.  There are now 25 million illegal invader central and south Americans here, and another 30 million of them who are here quasi-legally (thank you Ronald Reagan, did you ever turn your brain back on after they shot and drugged you?).

This is not white nationalism. This is not racism. This is not asking for the removal of all other dysgenic races. This is not a call to murder or kill anyone. Let nature take its course. By removing incentives and welfare and actually deporting illegals we can reduce numbers.

Our current course is the end of America. The End financially, the end politically. The end genetically. Our race, the AMERICAN PEOPLE is being EXPUNGED. DELETED. It will be no more.

But what about the large numbers of citizen dysgenics who the handout systems greatly supports. We can’t let babies starve you say. Well if they are dumb enough to reproduce without resources to feed them, so be it. But as a kindness all forms of sterilization should be free. And invested in with research dollars.  New semi-permanent forms of control over our reproduction should be de-facto and de-rigeur.  It’s a bit brave new world to give government control over reproduction, but if you are a chronic malcontent, addict, or jobless I’m willing to make that concession. Maybe. Let’s see how it works when offered for free first.


By 2050 it is projected that America will be 55% Non-Europanic. The negroid and other races will have triumphed by welfare breeding using our own Europanic American taxes to pay for their children, while we find ourselves too broke and exhausted from working long hours to reproduce ourselves. It is a parasitic relationship. The dark hoards feeding on the productive Europanic host. This is not an anti-negroid rant, it is a race reality that the darker races including many races – middle eastern, pakistani, indian, whatever – have lower IQs and higher social pathologies and higher violence rates. Their smaller brains lack morality, empathy, and are more violent. But most specifically, they seem to exhibit time and time again R reproductive strategy – reproduction without investment and planning for children.  They do not form strong pair bonds. The result is a bunch of run wild ‘chillin and terminal welfare-itis if not gangsterism and murdering thuggish destroying our best cities.

Image result for california gang
California Today – Student Outreach Program Oakland CA

Replace the word “teens” with “blacks” and watch this video. Our media isn’t allowed to say blacks so they call them “youts” and “teens”.

Let’s look at what happened to Rome. During the Flavian era when the colosseum was built, the population was 90% Italian and 10% Non-Italian (mostly slaves from Africa and the middle east).  At the time of the fall, the population had dropped to 55% Italian and 45% non-Italian, many who now through Ronald Reagan edicts, had full citizenship. Rome A.D. 400 was exactly like USA 2018. Think about that.

Why does being Europanic matter? Aren’t all races equal? It’s all just skin deep? Yes? Actually no.  Europeans were able to take care of themselves without a welfare state. Europeans produce nearly all invention and Europanic males pay nearly all net positive taxes. Yes there are a few outliers. Asians also have high IQ but seem to lack the individual ruggedness that the American frontier pushed into our American gene pool. They won’t be as violent as those with negroid genetics, but neither do they really represent the strengths of America. Worse, they seem inordinately to suppress individualism which makes them easy prey for Communism – just look at China.  America can happily support 10% difference.  But not 50%. There simply isn’t anyone left to pay the taxes to fund the schools, prisons, armies, and welfare at that point.  Right now central and south American invaders, and blacks on welfare or in prison, are quite happy to be net consumers of tax dollars. They use up ten times the resources they put back in. Again, fine when they are 10% of the population. At 40% (and 55% of births!) where we are at today, we find ourselves 1.5 TRILLION dollars deeper in debt each year. Why? Obviously the massive warfare state is half the answer.  But the other half is that we have become a nation a takers not a nation of producers. A nation of adult men in diapers getting free checks each month not a nation of men chopping down trees, inventing, and going to the stars.

Let’s talk about the horrible damage the Feministas/Communistas/Soros/Kalergi/Jews god knows who actually put in motion this notion that welfare would not be devestating. Especially for black people.  Look at the south side of Chicago if you disagree.  Getting blacks AND EVERYONE off of this preached victimhood black lives matter nonsense and onto a conservative platform of work hard and succeed and form a stable loving family simply is de rigueur.  But how? Simply put, we have to decrease the welfare inscentives and make it a bit more brutal. Assistance yes, but not cars, luxury apartments, and $300 hair weaves every month.  Things have gotten too high on the hog for what is supposed to be the last chance support network.

How to do that without people screaming MUH BABIES!  Simply freeze increases in aid and decouple it from cost of living. For ten years. And incentivise fraud detection with $1000 rewards for EVERY fraud case successfully prosecuted for government employees and regular americans who turn them in.  The fraud in our medicare/medicaid system is horrific with African invaders immediately setting up 501c non profits to pilfer medicaid with false claims. And Middle Eastern doctors who order 20 procedures and tests on elderly patients who just nod cause they aren’t paying  for it.  We have to incentivize people who see it and can stop it.  If $1000 doesn’t work, raise it to $2000. $5000.  Eventually, people will grab that money as a business just as readily as they would charge Medicare $2000 dollars for a van lift of a homeless guy from Hohokus.

Why does being Europanic matter? Because it IS our identity. America was NOT always a immigration based society. We had high immigration during the industrial revolution when we needed factory workers.  But after Kennedy’s traitorous 1965 immigration (chain migration) act which removed the quotas, the third world flooded in. The negroid genetics flooded in.  What did that do? It made our best cities high crime hell holes. It added to the fragile system that blacks had already created, and overburdened our prison and judicial systems, increased the costs of policing, drove up taxes on Europanics, and suddenly we had a system that no longer was productive, except for the dysgenic races who had babies after baby, flooding us with more non-contributing peoples.  In just 50 years we saw our society transform from 90% Europanic, to 60% Europanic, and now we stare at the next 30 years which will take us to 40% Europanic – death for the nation. Simply stated, there will be no more net tax producers, the debt system will inflate away the worth of our currency, and the nation will utterly die.  That is not conjecture that is factual scientific reality. Measurable Proven predictable.

Aww you are exaggerating you say.  These new blacks and browns and Venezuelans are just hard up, it will get better. Except their genetics produce their low IQ and dysgenic nature. And studies back that up, mexican invaders were followed for FOUR GENERATIONS with NO IMPROVEMENT by any measure.  Crime goes up. Out of wedlock births go up. Ghetto-ism goes up. Tax revenue from these people does not.

But they are doing the jobs American’s don’t want to do. That isn’t at all true either.  Many Europanics have fond memories of helping to bring in the harvest, or working summer college jobs at resorts. Now all denied to them.  And by importing slave labor thats illegal, many of these industries push both conditions and wages to deplorable levels. To levels that it’s true, native Americans wont stand for.  But remove the hoards of illegals and non-Europanics, and suddenly these people don’t all get to be multi-millionaires any more. Boo hoo for them. They would have to pay living wages or invest in machinery or even invent machines to pick the crops. Other nations are already out-inventing us in these areas precisely because they don’t have the tens of millions of invaders.

But it isn’t just illegals. We find the same problems with all the non Europanic peoples here (except in some ways the East Asians – the Japanese, Korean).

Another problem is charity. The ice age formed a people who are strong providers for their community and charitable. But now charity is enforced through taxation, and my charity goes to feed and house babies of dysgenic races and we can’t any long afford babies of our own.  And unlike the dysgenic races, Europanics do not birth in captivity or scarcity conditions. Rarely. So our number dwindle. there is a scientific name for that relationship – PARASITE.

How bad is it really today? Let’s look at Americas top 10 cities by population: (< 50% Europanic is FALLEN)


Los Angeles: 29.4% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

Houston: 25.3% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

Chicago: 31.7% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

Phoenix: 45.6% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

Philadelphia: 41% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

San Antonio: 26.6% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

San Diego: 45.3 % EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

Dallas: 28.8% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

San Jose: 28.7% EUROPANIC — FALLEN!

It is not too late.  Think those numbers are bad? Those numbers are from the 2010 census!  Cut those numbers in half for the reality today! I want you to think long and hard about this. The top ten cities in America have less than 25% remaining of the people who founded this nation.  Why isn’t that a crisis RIGHT NOW. This is not a demographic projection into the future. This is right now. Right now we have already fallen. But we can get back up.

America can rise again. There is a clear program to turn the tide. It is 12 simple steps:

  1. No more recognition of births as citizen unless one parent is a USA citizen
  2. No more welfare. Every citizen household (no anchor babies) in America will receive $1200 a month. No additional money for children under 21. There are 100 million households so the cost would be 1,200 billion a year; our current welfare programs cost 900 Billion a year and that doesn’t include PRISON costs. Administrative costs would be reduced to near zero. The welfare budget also includes the Medicaid Program (health care for the low-income Americans). With the inclusion of Medicaid the overall spending on welfare totaled $732 billion in fiscal year 2016 and $729 billion in 2017. This represents 19% of the spending in the entire federal government.  729 Billion vs. 120 Billion. I vote for the 120 billion plan. It’s more fair. It’s simple. And it lifts ALL americans up.
  3. No more warfare. Troops and bases around the world would be reduced by 85%. A system of five MEGA BASES would be recognized around the world the support crisis in their areas: Berlin, Qatar, Okinawa, Alaska, Panama, and Chile.
  4. No more illegal immigration: Create a bonus for finding illegals currently in the USA, say $1000 for each one found, for ICE agents.  Tips leading to finding them would pay tipsters half the reward.  Persons found would be first put into hard labor programs for 30 days, then put on slow barges home that would leave each month carrying 2000 per barge. 20 barges a month would drain the 25 million illegals who don’t self deport. Add criminal penalties for opening bank accounts (or maintaining) illegals or for renting housing. All rentals must submit a form to the government with the peoples names and SSNs or green card or visa numbers.  A general law denying any welfare or disability or medical aid programs to illegals would be passed and illegals would be BARRED from free medical service for their pregnancies (that alone is a big draw).  No medical transplants for illegals, no dialysis either. Emergency care would be limited to accident and injury such as gunshot.
  5. No more federal reserve. America will end profligacy and return to spending thrift by:   a: No more foreign aid.  b: reduce military budget to 400B. Every department must reduce spending by 4% every year until balance is reached.  The USA will slowly begin the paydown of our debt over 15 years from currency directly issued.
  6. Re-Design our health system.  In exchange for free medical school, doctors must participate in the free to all clinic system for 5 years (years 1 and 2 full time, then part time).  The free clinics and free pharmacies for elderly will ensure there is always care, but you might have to wait and you can’t get the specialized procedures.
  7. a formal medical review of EVERY disability case. No longer can blacks get disability just because they are lower IQ than whites. No longer can Adult babies play in their pens all day because they have “stress”. This has to be reserved for the truly broken and helpless.  End all disability payments for children, children don’t work so this makes no sense.
  8. A new set of Tariff Laws that apply to all countries we trade with:  if they have any formal tariffs then we match that rate as a minimum on EVERYTHING. If they don’t protect intellectual property that’s an additional 20% tariff. If they don’t protect workers from abuse and long hours and dangerous conditions that’s another 20% tariff. If they don’t protect the environment to USA standards that’s another 20% tariff. On this formula, China would have a 60% tariff on everything until they reform.
  9. End worldwide taxation of US citizens. If America is so bad that people want to leave, let them leave. It’s a lesson to all of us if people are leaving.
  10. Make it universally illegal for any state, county, city, or district to levy property taxes including school charges, general fees, whatever, in excess of 1.5% a year. If you own a 300,000 house, then your taxes would be $4,500 a year. That’s plenty to run a community. Maybe they should cut back on those fatcat pensions if they are out of money.
  11. American men won’t have babies if the divorce rapes continue. We need to establish a marriage 2.0 option where assets and debts are recorded at the start of the marriage, and earnings for husband and wife are filed separately each year. In the event of divorce, those spending and asset ratios are used to divide assets.  2.0 Marriage would have ZERO alimony payments.  In marriage 2.0 shared custody is mandatory UNLESS a conviction for a violent crime occurs.  Not sure how to handle a nutter wife but if she’s totally nutters there would have to be restrictions. Child support would be limited to 25% of a spouse’s salary post taxation.  Somehow the marriage deal needs to be re-worked so we get K strategy babies again. Babies that are invested in and raised with fathers and mothers.
  12. END ALL RACISM IN GOVERNMENT. No affirmative action, no rules that advantage any race over another. No racial language in any government law or program.
  13.  Remove the Right to Vote from AnyONE who has received government welfare, for a period of FivE YEARS.   Voting should be for the Producers.  We also need to end the DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD. Require Voter ID, clear paper ballots and chain of custody, federal right to review all votes or they can be tossed out (California REFUSED to participate in Trumps Voting review, gee wonder why), end Ballot Dumping (In california you can dump in 50,000 ballots that are not YOURS!). And on and one. Voting needs a lot of reform. Luckily we have an article on that (see link at the top!)  We might consider restricting right to vote to landowners only.

Some argue that the solution is non-racial. Take women rights away and return to 1910 America. First of all, what congress is ever going to vote for that? It’s fantasy thinking. There is simply NO PATH to that happening.

Secondly, some women are HIGH IQ and productive. Regression of women out of the work force is not the solution to returning to babies. It is an issue of RELATIVE production of babies between the native population and the negro population.

We have to ask, isn’t the population of America now far too high? 330 Million on track to 500 Million when realistically we only have water supplies to safely support 250 million. That says we should be focused on population reduction not more babies. A normal society non racially invaded like Japan will slowly return to a balance. Will it’s GDP diminish? Yes. But in Japan they live to be 85! Thing’s can’t be so bad there!

The response to not have children IS the correct response to our densely overpopulated nation. Lake Mead is nearly dry.  There are advantages to a falling population – housing becomes much more affordable for one.  And perhaps when the financial stresses lower women will return to having children.  The problem is, while women intelligently keep their uteri shut, the negroid races do not.  So they get replaced in the population. And also, as many on welfare are having five, ten, twenty chillin’ it’s not practical to say that we could ever match that.

Fundamentally taking women’s rights away is a bit unrealistic and doesn’t confront the main problem, which is the R reproductive races out reproducing the Europanic peoples because of the huge subsidies they get from taxing the Europanic races. We are invaded with dysgenic populations who are dim, violent, and cost a lot to support especially in a welfare state. They will grow with the prudent Europanic population tries to react to the overpopulation and crowding and have fewer births. This is the fundamental issue, and is the reason why the issue is not women’s rights, but racial invasion.

The philosophy of taking away the goodies that allow the non-europanics to reproduce effortlessly like bunnies and adding more tax relief for families that stay away from welfare, form married unions, and have more than 2 children, if nothing else can buy us time so we can look at those strategies and re-evaluate.

Additionally, It wouldn’t be a bad thing for women to adopt a different plan and have the government encourage women finding their mates between the age of 16 and 18, having 3 or 4 children, and then going to college.  One way Japan is encouraging women to do this is providing cheap national childcare.  For as little as $100 a month children can be watched while women work or go to school. Not perfect, but it’s an idea.

We must find SOME SOLUTION or by 2050, our children will have to leave this place and find a new land if they can.