France had a chance to join the Trump revolution, the nationalist nation first movement. To oppose globalist tyranny and the negro seeding of Europe. Instead they voted Macron. A known Globalist. Raised in the bowels of government bureaucracy.

What the hell did the French think would happen?

No the yellow shirts are two years too late. If they wanted change they could have supported Marine LePenn. No instead, everyone went out for the polished white shoe boy, a manufacture of the French elite.

Nope, no sympathy for France. No sympathy for the starving yellowjackets and the rioting masses. They can have their plate of poverty and negros and suck it up. That’s what they wanted. That’s what they got.

“This is a terrible time, we can’t afford presents for our children” says one yellowjacket protestor.

Even if it is the French people’s own fault for snubbing LePenn in the election, you cannot help but feel sorry for them.

A woman at a coffee and snack booth set up for the yellowjackets talks about the solidarity of all peoples all races. But I look and only see white people. It’s the same on the streets. The people suffering are the white middle working class. The migrants get three square meals a day, free rent, and playstations, as well as candy bar money. A quick rape saves them from having to pay the whores.

We Americans support the people of France. We share the same fight. We want freedom, and a nation with borders.  One YellowJacket’s vest summed it up: “FUCK MACRON”

fuck macron.png