A new software startup is proposing electronic voting. This is a mistake. We’ve seen how EASY it was for the Bushes to manipulate electronic voting machines to get elected. The scam is simple. After the polls close, the workers take blank ballots and fill in the votes then put them in the machines. Or, a machine is programmed to set a wrong score. Or the central tabulator machine is programmed to change totals. All of this is open season.

Now picture the solution. First, the voter workers register someone to vote. The voter must give their name, address, and date of birth, and show Id.

They are handed a special poker chip and a tiny piece of paper on which there is a number. The voter workers job is to record the ballot number next to the person name in the voter registration book. The person then must FILL OUT THE PAPER in writing with their name, address, and date of birth, for each election they wish to vote in. The paper is folded over so that it now measures just 1″ long and 1/2″ wide and is slid into a special color coded poker chip, one color for each election. The total number of papers given to each voting site is carefully recorded and its easy to count how many were used as each book contains 1000 numbered ballots. If someone makes a mistake, that ballot is stapled into a “mistake book” which is also sealed and returned with the final vote along with all unused ballots.

The person completes all of them and then gets an Inky Pinky so they can’t double vote. To vote, they simply drop their coin into the tube for their person.

The tube automatically stops holding more at 500 votes. At this point it is removed and a new empty tube is installed, and the full tube is racked in a holder at the side. The left side and the right side now correspond to the two candidates, and because each tube is marked for 100s, and 10s, a quick vote count can be made visually! Instantly!


Every finished tube is sealed with a tamper proof top lock which has a number, the poll worker who filled it, the time, etc. Now they will soon have a collection of these 500 count tubes and they will have a special 10 tube carrier, again clear plastic on the sides, and all 10 tubes press against the side because of a central column. They again lock it and write on it, and they have a big carrying box for 5,000 votes. Take the Iowa presidential race. With a million votes, divided up into 100 voting centers (a guess), thats 10,000 votes per center. Each center can easily count that much. Even better thats so easy to confirm the vote visually just count up the tube carriers and tubes! Any remainder is put into one special remainder tube with the count written inside and outside.

Now, why is this better? Well its sooo much work for them to fill in all the paper forms to get votes it would take them hours just to add a few thousand votes. And at the start of voting a dice could be rolled so that a special prefix number had to be written on the paper ballot number for it to be valid. Because the count is visual, there could also be no delays in closing a poll. Anything that took too long would be fishy. Finally, if there were ever a recount, a random sampling of votes could be pulled, checked to see that they were a real registered person, and the person called to ask who they voted for. this random sampling is hard to beat!

It would be CHEAP to implement. Just a lot of poker chips with some special tabs to hold the paper slip. And then mass produce the 100x tubes and the 1000x carriers. Poof. Whole cities could be outfitted for a few thousand dollars! No hanging chads. No half checked lines. Its a token dropped into a pot. No way to cheat it. Also, for a big presidential race, they could keep that set of pots out on a table for the public to see. it’s obvious if one candidate has more votes than another because the height of the chips can easily be visually compared. No more election stealing!

Why don’t we do this? Because we like corrupt senators to stay in power forever and we like corrupt presidential races that wouldn’t pass muster in third world countries. Why? Because you’re a slave. And you don’t even know it.