frenchboobiesFor so long, titty protests have been the domain of the left avant-guarde. Fem-Men desecrating churches with open boobies and green armpit hair.


Conservatives have boobies too! And they are using them (finally!) to protest Le Macron du Shit

We here at PatriotMouse applaud this action. In fact the west needs to embrace Boobies here in America. Boobies can change things. Let’s put our retired porn startlets to good use.

Mein Herpes ist mein Waffle! Why Yes. No we don’t understand it but, could you jump up and down for effect? I like waffles! Especially when there’s real maple syrup on it! My body is my teapot? I guess so. Just keep the boobs coming!

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The black ghetto whores tried to the same to little effect. “My god their faces”

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for gods sake put some clothes on before I puke!
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Serious Flapjacks – those pancake boobies