All of this argument on the border wall is quite silly. The bid draw is welfare and free stuff. Free housing, food, dollars, medical care, free birthing, etc.

So the very first step to fix this is to fix the broken anchor baby issue. And its easy for Trump to do – simply issue an order that before you can get a SSN or a Passport you must state your parents name and SSN on your passport application.

Now, yes it’s true, many of these parents will already have fake citizenship and fake numbers. So the law needs to be retroactive ten years.

Of course the courts will immediately challenge it. But as a matter of national security Trump can insist that only the supreme court can overrule him, and immediately issue challenges to each judge’s edict. As long as a challenge is filed, it goes up to the next court. The judges ruling does NOT take effect while a challenge is applied.

Once we have regained a handle on our citizenship, we can start requiring e-verify, require SSNs for housing rentals, for bank accounts. Of course if you have a valid green card or visa that’s fine.  But mamacitas sneaking in seven months pregnant will get turned away from the hospital.

Whhhaaa? How can we do that? Well we need to set up the one or two centers for non-citizens to get to see doctors and all ambulances and people get funnelled there. And in a few days of waiting they might get to see a doctor for free.

Of course, a wall will always be a net positive, but not before locking down our citizenship. We need to find a way to stop the financial welfare lure that states like California heap on invaders.  One example of this is the “babysitting” program in Los Angeles. Two illegal invader families live next to each other. Each has five “chillin”.  The cities pays family A $200 for each child to be babysat by the other family. So each family gets an extra $1000 a month for doing nothing. Add to that $200 a month in welfare for another $1000 a month income. and of course being a single mom with Jorge just dropping by at night gets them free housing and free medical.

End that nonsense, and soon the invaders will march themselves home.