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ArTouch tells us his experience “I never knew how to program computers the whole time I was in America on the H-1B visa. They just took me into the group – the whole team were Indians from all over, all the Americans had been fired years ago.  So we just told the manager it took months and months to do simple things and then the two senior guys did all the work. We had to pay them 25% of our pay, and another 25% went back to our agency in kickbacks. But in the end it was worth it, I went from a mud hut to a beautiful house with a swimming pool when I returned six years later”

Sadly the Americans they are throwing in the streets who actually know how to be an engineer aren’t so lucky. Many commit suicide or end up divorced and broken.

“Our company (a big name company whose name starts with the letter A) threw away all the hard working bright American engineers, and brought in lazy Indians who couldn’t do anything. It was horrific.  But all my friends tell the same story”

Kevin Flannagan was the first widely publicized engineer who took his life. He drove to the parking lot of his ex company to do it. Frustrated at being thrown away, replaced by indians with fake degrees, it was too much.

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PraMurthi Vivek says it’s not just joblessness that American software engineers face – “The huge flood of five million indians into a job market of only four million has collapsed wages. Even if they can get a job, they can’t afford to save enough money to start their own companies. It’s killing the entrepreneurship cycle”

Yet, it goes on and on endlessly, now in year 32, another 350,000 Indians were brought in this year alone on the H-1B or genocide visa.  Politicians won’t touch it. Too much juicy campaign money flows from silicon valley. So for now, the nation just watches as its best and brightest die. Some nation. So much for the value of being an American.



The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has decided to register a case against Axact after finding ‘incriminating’ evidence of the firm running a fake degree empire in the country. 

FIA Sindh Director Shahid Hayat revealed that hundreds of thousands of degrees, student cards and other incriminating evidence had been found during a raid conducted at an Axact office on Tuesday.

Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh along with six directors of the company were also taken into custody by the FIA late on Tuesday after being questioned at the FIA head office in Karachi for hours. Further, it was revealed that Tuesday’s raid took place on information provided by Sheikh. Leaving the office, Sheikh said, “The truth will prevail.”


Talking to the media late on Tuesday, Hayat said FIA had decided to lodge an FIR against Axact after emergence of ‘new irrefutable evidence’ against the so-called IT company.

“We found hundreds of thousands of degrees today. A magistrate was present during our raid. The location where we found these degrees also housed a printing press,” he revealed. Hayat went on to add that Salman would be produced before a court for remand on Wednesday.