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3 Month delay to allow Flynn to cooperate. What a joke. Sullivan is another deep state loser.  Judge takes hard line with Flynn, which is ridiculous. It was entrapment by a crooked FBI with NO CRIME COMMITTED.


The framing of Michael Flynn is falling apart.  Mueller just goofed. He failed to hand over the original 302 report which stated that Flynn did not lie.

If Sullivan is on his game he will:

1) Recommend Mueller to be dis-barred and send a formal complaint letter to the state bar

2) That’s not such a big deal as Mueller has skimmed MILLIONS of dollars, so he should also be required to pay All of Flynn’s legal fees

3) Finally he should investigate the shakedown of Flynn, why he was coerced to plead guilty, and CRIMINALLY charge everyone involved in that.

4) Mueller should be sent to jail for 30 days for contempt of court.

Will any of this happen? It might. It could. This is high drama playing out.  Let’s see if Sullivan can bring down the gavel of justice on Mueller

It’s time to investigate the crimes of MUELLER. They were spying on the president. They forged documents to get a FISA warrant on an America. They handed over America’s uranium. They let Hillary off scott free. It’s time for this nation, if there is A SHRED of INTEGRITY LEFT, IT IS TIME TO START THE LONG FIGHT BACK.

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The future of our nation hangs in the balance. Will Sullivan do the right thing?