It’s time to push the 5B on the spending bill or shutdown but more than that, support the spending bill which offers it for reconcilliation in the senate (only 50 votes required). And ASS SLAM Mitch “snuggleuffupugus” McConnel if he does not IMMEDIATELY put it forward.

At the SAME TIME, Get the military on  a section and get them designing and starting a wall build. I suggest a Earth-Mound Eco-Friendly approach with enhancement by concrete and steel inverted spikes on the Mehico side. But whatever they come up with, it needs to have guard towers, laser spotting beams between the towers and cameras and alarms. But it needs to be a physical wall.

Perhaps they could just build manned guard towers every 200′ but it’s unlikely that would ever be supported. Maybe robotic solar charged towers that electro-fry invaders as they pass. Sure a lot of dead bunny rabbits but what’s the cost of the invasion?

A working wall would be a double wall. A no mans land stuffed with landmines or helper bunnies which attack like in Monty Pythons Holy Grail.

No wall is a perfect barrier. That’s why a double wall design with either a road or drones intercepting invaders is critical. Speed drones armed with curare tipped needles. Trained Orangutans that will fart on them. Whatever it is, just do SOMETHING!

This is one promise that TRUMP must make happen come hell or high watter come snagglepuss congress or re-thug-rican asshats. GET ER DONE.