Prada’s expensive christmas figurines are released each year at christmas time. But for some reason this year’s ornaments are causing a stir.  The bright red lips of “LilSpearChucka” contrast the pink Mauve of “Mistydim” the dunce caped figure.

“These are fantistical figurines and do not resemble anything real. Any resemblance to real creatures is imagined” said a Prada announcement.

People who bought them are making out like bandits with models selling for over $4000 on ebay as they are pulled from the shelves.

“Das Raciss. RACISS! DonChu think that looks like me?” said protestor Dawntavious Washington. “Reparations! I WAN REPARATIONS” screamed the woman at the store window.

Ahh Christmas, its a special time of year.

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