darth trump

<begin star wars darth vader theme> BAM bam bam BAH ba BAM bah ba BAM

The saga of Darth Trumpius:

Oh Trump, you are rising from the ashes like Luke Skywalker force throwing cucks into the wall as he passes through.

“He never told you the power of the Trump Sneer”

First, the Cucks Strike Back – Paul “cuckMungous” Ryan and Mitch “El cuckosaur” McConnel try a fast one and sneek through a Seven Week funding extension to hand over the issue of border funding to the Democrats when they return in full SITH POWER.

But wait, Trump is down but not out.  He calls the house leadership in and gets the 5B through congress, then tweets that he will VETO anything without funding for the wall.

Wha What WHAAA! How can this be? The emperor is gasping. But but you are supposed to be no more, defeated, and yet you are throwing the minions into the walls effortless. What new power is this?

It’s called having a BACKBONE and ol Trump has RETURNED.

Trump stands up and stares down the senate – “UNLIMITED POWER!!!!”

Mitch McConnell is the Cuck Supreme



The U.S. House passes a stopgap govt funding bill that includes $5b for a wall on the border with Mexico after President Trump said he wouldn’t sign a bill that didn’t have the extra money, setting up a conflict with the Senate.

The vote on the amended House version of H.R. 695 is 217-185.

Of course this now hits a brick wall – as Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer says Trump’s wall funding can’t pass the Senate.