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Democrats need the invasion to continue, we only have 50 million Hispanics here with 25 million of them being illegal alien invaders.

When it comes time to vote, no ID is required so they vote. and they vote Democrat because the Dems support all the welfare for them.

Democrats don’t care about the murders, rapes, crimes, costs, welfare for the illegal aliens. They just want to tip the scale. Another 20 million illegals here and its game over for Republicans and really the whole nation will descend into pure welfareism and collapse. v

So the best way to combat this beside the wall is to remove all the incentives to come here:

1) No recognition as citizen for invaders children.  Trump can do this with a EO requiring parent SSN for any new child SSN application

2) No welfare without a valid SSN proving citizenship, for the person OR their children

3) No voting without showing a valid PASSPORT or DL (and all DLs must clearly show if someone is a citizen or not).

4) E-verify for all jobs and contractors. Immediately. Another Trump EO

5) No money transfers OUT of the country without a valid SSN, green card, visa, or short term visit stamp in your passport.

6) No bank accounts if you aren’t here legally

Doing this is JUST AS CRITICAL as the border wall.