Image result for home prices chart down seattle

Several factors :

1) Clamp down on Chinese Buyers

2) Hedge funds fleeing

3) Prices overblown with no support

Once the turn happens, the investors will flee making it like a long cliff with no support.

There is no more time. Sell now.

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So it’s basically time to leave the investment markets – ETFs, Stocks Bonds, Contracts, MoneyMarket accounts. Get out of all of it. So what to do with the money?

Create or move it into a productive business. Manufacturing, Small Farm, Restaurant, Hotel. Something that just will keep producing for a demand regardless. And in the meantime, move to Gold or Gold Backed Accounts. Physical gold in the hand is always best but for practicality or similar gold backed accounts with credit cards is the more convenient way to go.

In the end, the USA must dismantle the central bank and restore non-fiat currency. I wouldn’t jump back into any investment market until that happens or at the very least look to a country that does have it.

One solution which is more likely is to have the USA issue gold backed bucks up to 50,000 a year per household. And then balance its books and begin a 20 year paydown from direct issued non fed currency.  Probably no one has the juice to overturn the bankers grasp. But its a direction that’s happening.