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No it’s not darth sidious, just another day in Texas seeing the beautiful blonde blue eyed seventeen year olds already banging and shecked up with a Negro. And I want to puke. For many reasons.

First, He is using her for status.

Second, because the brain washing is now complete. Which is sad.

Third, because he will most likely be unfaithful, beat her, kill her, or eat her.

Fourth, because while the woman’s IQ is only 100, the darkie is closer to 70. So how does she with all her hypergamy justify dating down? Because she is utterly brainwashed to not recognize race and IQ.

Women are easily brainwashed. Allowing negros in the herd just makes them easy pray. Meanwhile the hard working white men are off to college with the useless feminista girls.

The whole thing makes me want to puke. It’s all terribly wrong and I can’t change it.

Our nation seems doomed.