With all the crazyness in society these days and with the communists and chinese lapping at our shores, one has to ask, am I being a good Nazi today? Am I being faithful to the reich?

Well fear not, our twelve step plan will get you there.

  1. Dress Well.

Nazis were always impeccably dressed.  Clothes were stylish and pressed. Show your Will to Power with your Will to good grooming and fashion!

2. Learn to Recognize the Enemy

People who Rant and Ree, chant mindless slogans, are endorsed by the Democrats or the Southern Poverty Communist Center, Liberal Arts majors who say “Like Whatever” when asked deep economic questions….

3.  Zeig Heil!

Learn the Salute. The arm must be STRAIGHT and PROMINENT and it is done with proper action, please no fag limp wristed Zeigs and no swishy Heils. Also, when in groups, when someone screams ZEIG respong HEIL strongly with the Arm only then rising up.  Remember your rank and always ZEIG HEIL to the leadership.

hitler football
Hitler Was a Good Man

4. Keep the Jews in their place

This is one of the most important things. America handed over banking to the jews and now our nation is impoverished. American Media was all taken over by the Jews and now all our movies are censored. Worse now even the Chinese communists are censoring our movies. STay away from mainstreem media. It is pure Jew Evil.

5. Remember the Gas Chambers Never Existed

A year after the war ended in Poland, and ONLY at camps that were not liberated by the Allies, the Russians constructed fake gas chambers.  The jews use this as propaganda to shake down billions even though they were the ones who murdered 66 million in the Holodomor. Never accept the fake propaganda.

Hitler was Kind

6. Be Great People. White People.

All mixed societies are degenerate. You should strive for an all white nation every day even in small ways. We know that America is now destroyed and lost, but we should never give up hope for a free nation

7. Never Marry

Marriage is now a rape of men a contract with the Government which allows their Feminista courts to take all your wealth and enslave you for life. Don’t do it


8. Establish White Only neighborhoods

If they have no go zones in Europe for Muslims why can’t we have ones for Europanics?

9. Don’t Be Gay unless you are a lesbian

2 girls kissing is cool if they are pretty. But a dick up a asshole covered in shit is not pretty


10. Help push the Nazi plan financially and emotionally

We do not yet have an American Nazi party Nor an America first party. But we have a communist party.  It’s time for people to start pooling together and form a proper political wedge to build the border wall, evict the invaders, ban mixed marriages to negros and jews, and retake control of our government and media.

11. Teach them the Truth about WWII

Hitler fed his starving people. The Jews first destroyed and bankrupted Germany with the Treaty of Versailles then after the Mark crashed they poured in and bought up the companies and industry. That is WHY the Jew was hated, not for their religion.  Hitler fought back, unified his people, fed them, and made them the most advanced successful nation on earth. America sided with the COMMUNISTS and the Warmonger BRITISH and it took all their combined force to stop the people who dared to get free from the Jewish Bankers. Never forget that Hitler offered England peace SEVENTEEN TIMES even sending his beloved Rudolf Hess to England on a solo daredevil plane flight to try everything he could to bring an end to the war. England refused.

12. Teach the Children

Finally, teach the children the truth about the dysgenic races their rape violence and failed families, how they bankrupt nations with prison costs and how they destroy our education systems. Teach them how immigration and Plyer vs. Doe has bankrupted our schools and forced huge property taxes on White Americans – literally forced at gunpoint to pay for the education of mongrel children.

The children are terribly brainwashed. We have to fight the lies and turn them to the truth one at a time.

Hitler Was Loved