dont feed welfare

Welfare taxes the smart productive people so they are too poor to have children. then those taxes are given to the violent criminal and dumb breeders to allow them to have children, often many many children per woman (20!).

This is a vestigial result of our tribes needing to care for each other through the long winters. We helped each other. This is the europanic people’s greatest gift. But we have been warped by the cuckoo’s egg, acting as our own children and taking our resources to produce THEIR children.

Blacks have taken over TEN TRILLION in resources in a war on poverty that cannot succeed because of genetic low IQ and small brain size in most blacks.

And worse, now we face absolute invasion by Hispanicos who if they can get to California again can tap into our handout programs.

Sadly, the best of us are left broken overworked and unable to breed. And bitchy single women who throw men away in divorce or go straight to welfare without men.

These movement, if not checked, will utterly destroy the nation in 30 years. We will be left with a dysgenic nation of dumb violent people sucking on a welfare teet that has run out of whitey’s tax dollars.

Immediately we should freeze or reduce each year the payouts for welfare. And disconnect payola such that it doesn’t increase if they have MORE children. This is the opposite of what we want.  We want to DECREASE their payola if they cannot keep their legs closed when on welfare.

An additional effort to push and reward our best and brightest to form families and have children must be much more aggressive.

And finally we need to repulse the low IQ invasion. It is simply not possible to feed a world that will simply keep breeding and producing more.  We should stop feeding africa and stop all aid.

So one has to ask what is possible in our broken political environment, and right now the best we can hope for is a benefit FREEZE. Let inflation work its magic. In ten years being on welfare will not be so sought after.

Additionally, things which Trump can do directly – like challenge birthright citizenship – require parental SSN numbers to get a SSN and require a SSN to get any aid, can happen.

Another is to raise penalties on employers who hire people without passing everify.

The banking system gives accounts to illegals. They need to stop that.

The Hood Gangsta has banged up more women and produced more children than the ivy league overworked goat.  do nothing and we will become a low IQ african gangsta nation. This is science it simply cannot be debated.

The myth that resources and support financially will improve intelligence must be utterly rejected.  Our violent low IQ population does not improve even when raised in white upper class communities. The genes determine. Not dollars. It is hereditary pure and simple.