A Re-Enactment of What a Chinese Moon Landing Might Look Like

China has stunned the world by landing on the Dark Side of the Moon today. The first pictures have come back and they are stunning!

Xi Jinping issued a statement “That’s One Big Step For China, Our feet not so big as gross American.  No Tariff on Moon we move factories there soon!”

“What dark side rook rike? It’s dark. Very Dark” said Hu Mi Lye, a Chinese science representative.

The first pictures have been stunning. Here we show the Chinese Rover exploring for the first time:

Chinese Lander Captures Majestic Moonscape on Dark Side

When asked why China didn’t land next to the American moon landing site to prove that America actually got to the moon Lye replied:

“American moon landing … They land Bright Side.  Chinese government depressing, so we wand Dark Side. Dark side more exciting, like horror movie. What monster just around moon wock to attack? GRRR GRRR. No that’s Wock, not Wok” said Hu Mi.

When asked if this was a fake moon landing Lye replied:

“Of course not fake. You see rocket go up? It go up very high. All way to moon! We go Dark Side. First on Dark Side. Wook Wook! Is Exciting. Maybe Wover drive off moon cliff everyone die? Much more exciting that light side!” said an elated Hu Mi Lye.

When asked why there were no stars in the pictures, Lye replied “No stars in American pictures either!  Same Chinee.  Star hard to photography very far away. Only picture of sun available. But we cann’t see Sun we Dark Side!”

We will keep posting more pictures of the historic landing as they become available.

View of Rover on Dark Side of Moon

What music did you play?” asked PatriotMouse.

“At first we thought Dark Side of Moon my Prick Froyd. But we like Eddie and Cwuzers. More hip!” replied Hu Mi Lye.

We have to agree. Play it Eddie! “DarkSide is coming nothing is real….”