Fumie Takino, 86, founded Japan Pom Pom about 20 years ago. She told the AFP that cheerleading has helped her stay in shape and keep her mind sharp. “It blew my mind,” Takino said, about when she first discovered the sport.

In this picture taken on March 26, 2016, members of the middle-aged and elderly women cheerleading group "Japan Pom Pom" perform during the national cheerleading and dance championship 2016 of the United Spirit Association (USA) Japan in Chiba, a suburb of Tokyo. Strutting her stuff in a gold-hemmed mini-skirt, white leather boots and shaking silver pom-poms, octogenarian Fumie Takino has discovered her elixir of youth -- cheerleading. Takino and her troupe of spirited grannies tweak the nose of old age, even if their rambunctious routine to the song "Dreamgirls" leaves them painfully out of breath and their pink tank tops dripping with sweat. / AFP / TORU YAMANAKA / TO GO WITH AFP STORY: "JAPAN-ELDERLY-CHEERLEADING" FEATURE by Harumi OZAWA (Photo credit should read TORU YAMANAKA/AFP/Getty Images)

Takino told the AFP that while the minimum age requirement for her team is 55, the average age is 70.

Shinko Kusajima, who is in her late sixties, hopes to join the squad. “When you get old, you keep losing friends,” Shinko Kusajima told the AFP. “But you always have mates here to share a good time.”

Many of the grannies are finding new interest from Men as well. Koro Tokamatsu, a 30 year old businessman in Shinjuku has scored a new Grannie girlfriend and he’s very enthusiastic.

“Grannies are HOT.  I will never date the inexperienced women again”

In Japan Women live to be 87 years old and Men 80. In the USA Women live to be 76 and men 71.  And the life expectancy in the USA is dropping every year.