One of the things that happened in the mid terms is that a lot of RINO republican scum like Jeff Flake – chose not to run again. This mid-year retirement was a lot of frustrated kleptocrats realizing they were NOT compatible with the new America First vision of Trump.  And because of that a lot more demothugs got elected.

But they got elected for another reason.  The last census counted illegal aliens. While this is a mild boost to Texas, it’s a massive win for California. And that results in MORE CONGRESSMEN being from California.

Not counting undocumented aliens costs cities and states federal money, resulting in a reduction of services to all residents. The census count is used by Congress in deciding how to distribute more than $400 billion annually to state, local and tribal governments. The formula is simple: the greater the population your state or city reports, the more federal money it might get. – Robert Longley

But it’s not really the money that’s the central goal of pushing the invasion.  In the states with massive illegal numbers – maybe as high as FORTY MILLION in Califoria, well many just vote and are pushed to vote in the national elections.

So Trump has taken good action on one part of this – asking on the census form if a person is legal in the USA. We still do not know if that will succeed.

The second part is requiring voting ID. “OH THE NEGROS WE CANT DO THAT NEGROS DON”T KNOW HOW TO READ” That’s bullshit and they know it. It’s not about the negros. It’s not disenfranchisement, it’s all about letting them run dirty polls on election day.

Point of fact, we could easily put forward a few million dollars to get every poor person and every disabled person a government ID if they so desire. Just call the number. They’ll make house calls.  It would cost far less. So just add that to the bill requiring real identification and whallah we won’t have 40 million illegal aliens voting for SHrillary.

And the third part – no recognition of birthright citizenship for invaders – can be done as simply as an executive order.  Is trump waiting for the Ginsberg frog to croak first? As long as he gets it done before the next election.  Once trump has the next Kavanaugh sex molester on the supreme court odds are they will fight him less in the courts.

Maybe we are not YET at the big majority Dems think they have. If we can tighten down the hatch. And yes that includes a border wall, hunting down visa overstayers, and HELL YAY make a bounty for any illegal identified.

We have to reject this notion that illegal aliens get to STAY and its not a crime to invade our country illegally and be here without a visa. HELL YAH its a crime. And as a minimum they should be thrown out. It’s the anchor babies that is the ONLY THING stopping this sentiment “Oh we can’t separate invader parents from their US citizen children’ it’s rubbish and you know it.  They are ill invaders and they all get thrown out. No family separation.

Trump is going to be pushed to amnesty the Dreamers for the wall. If he must, put conditions and checks on it because millions and millions will be using fake documents and copies sold on the black market to claim they were in the USA. And 50 year old men will be claiming to be 12 year olds.  Some base rules?

They must have attended American schools for at least 8 years with documentation. K-12.

They must currently be aged 25 years or less, based on their school documentation.

Even that is horrific, but if he has to amnesty more invaders put as many stopgaps to fraud as possible.  Because they will fake it and abuse it to the tune of 100 million invaders. Nancy and Chuck will Squak like seagulls with watermelons in their throats.

You know what, second thought, screw DACA just have the military build the wall. We don’t want another amnesty.  If the score is 51 repub and 49 democrat, whats the sense in giving them 5 more points with DACA?  It’s a big mistake.