So why didn’t trump declare a border emergency or send out the Army?

He is hoping that his speech will get Americans on his side. He’s fighting the polls (which are fake, only old people have land line phones!)

Expect him to give it another week of shutdown, more pressured meetings with Pelosi and the Penguin in hopes that a compromise will be reached.

“You legalize all dreamers and we’ll fund the wall”

“What’s a dreamer”

“Any illegal from Mexico for the next 100 years”

“I’ll do it!” says Trump.

It looks like the wrong play. The OUTRAGEOUS take action uni-laterally play is what we all hoped for.  Is trump just a defeated bloated lame duck now?


At least so far he’s standing tough. We need the thousands to descend on DC with BUILD THE WALL signs.

Part of this is due to the rosenstein/mueller hijacking of the arrest of Hillary Mittins. Well that must have been really disheartening for the pres. Let’s hope the new AG will light a fire on that one.

Its what I’ve always said, FIRST ARREST HILLARY, then the rest will fall into place. Suddenly NO NEWS will be covering Mueller and Russian Delusion Salad Dressing and get back to the matter at had. That FIRST STEP IS SO CRITICAL. Just get her in a cell without bail and keep throwing charges upon charge against her. Let the courts sort it out.



If trump declares a national emergency someone will say its a violation of law

If trump declares a budget someone will say only congress can do that

Instead, trump should order 10,000 troops from Korea, and 10,000 troops from europe to return to the border and along with the army core of engineers and seebees just begin building it.

Trump has FULL POWER to command the ARMY. No ipso facto butto.

Finally, it’s time to unleash the Trump Doctrine – ONLY THE SUPREME COURT can overrule the president on matters of national security.

No more district court injunctions being followed. All should be met with immediate appeal, but the injunction does NOT GO INTO EFFECT until the supreme court rules. That is critical.

Trumps speech was boring and non-descript. He hit the right points citing several horrific crimes by illegals.

But at least he did look chinese. Xi would approve.


Who are these creepy looking people?

Pelosi said that the “women and children” at the border are not a threat. WHAT ABOUT THE MEN! THE RAPISTS! The MURDERERS?

Schumer says we must “untangle the mess” by separating the shutdown from border security.

“This president just used the backdrop of the oval office to manufacture a crisis”

Yet trump cited the drug crisis, the rape of the children.

“The symbol should be the statue of liberty” cried Schumer “End this shutdown now”

Actually the Lazarus poem “give me your stinky criminals” has nothing to do with the statue of liberty, it is NOT a statue dedicated to inviting others into America. The status is about the light of liberty.