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America for the 20th straight year has imported hundreds of thousands of Indians with fake college degrees under the H-1B program. In 2012 they imported 577,000 foreign workers for a total of 4.1 million foreign workers for the 4.4 million total technology jobs in America. America’s best and brightest workers are committing suicide in huge numbers. Stack, Flanagan, and thousands of others are killing themselves after facing the humiliation of being replaced by someone who can barely spell and knows little more than how to play solitare on a computer. After years of expensive American college education to be kicked in the teeth only because dumb MBAs want to pad their paychecks by destroying their company with the worst engineers on the planet, many of America’s best and brightest are taking their own lives.

For decades fake shelf companies have been importing foreign workers for vapor jobs that don’t exist and then benching them (which usually means sitting them in a crowded apartment with 30 other benched Indians and little money for food) until they can pimp them out at higher rates to other contracting companies who directly promise fortune 500s cheap easy labor at the drop of a hat. This instant access to dirt cheap labor and then the ability to make them vaporize whenever they want has been like crack cocaine to industry and they will lie cheat and steal to get more. But there’s a problem – most of these people have fake degrees, shoddy credentials, and work very sub standard to the real engineers they replaced. While it’s often hidden at first eventually the company hits a technology crisis where they realize the great software they thought they were building is helpless gibberish. That’s when the fun starts. Typically they start by calling someone like me, who comes in with a stethoscope to see if the patient can be saved. Most of the time, the diagnosis is not pretty and its far worse than the corporate CEOs expect.

“Throw it all out and start over, it’s junk” I tell them.

“How is this possible, how could this have happened to us?” the company tries to play innocent but I dont buy it. The million dollar bonus check for throwing away their American engineers and replacing them with slow witted Indians is still warm in his pocket.

They lie about the numbers claiming the cap is just 85,000 workers a year, still far too many in this economic crisis. But the truth is most simply stay and get green cards and never leave. Worse, the Department of Labor’s own website shows that as many as 577,000 LCA applications were made already in 2012 before the year closed out. The whole thing is riddled with fraud.

IBM has for years been one of the worst, leveraging its IBM India operation as a source for candidates to bring over preferentially for empty job spots over U.S. Employees.

Worse, one has to ask for how much longer America’s top scientists will put up with this abuse before going “OK what free country wants all my knowledge and abilities?” So far no nation has been a taker but that will change as things get more competitive. America is going to face a brain drain of biblical proportions.

“There doesn’t seem to be recovery” says James Tibadeau, “But we saved a lot after we replaced our American engineers with those from New Delhi”. We tracked down the college that their team came from and it turns out it’s simply a room above a restaurant where they falsify diplomas and resumes.

A 2011 Government Accountability Office (GAO) study found that approximately 21 percent of H-1B visas are simply fraudulent — that the worker is working for a company other than the one that applied for the visa, that the visa holder’s identity has changed, that the worker isn’t qualified for H-1B based on skills or education, or the company isn’t qualified for the H-1B program.

But that’s just OBVIOUS fraud from a quick spot check. Dig deeper and the fraud of these unqualified fraudsters hits 100%.

One has to ask, how is America going to regain it’s place as a leading nation when it throws away its best engineers? How many more deaths will they cause and then wonder why the country is in a downward spiral. The companies that gut their IT departments like Dell, Bell Labs, IBM, all end up suffering huge layoffs and collapse. It’s a culture of no morality and eventually it brings the companies down regardless of the profits.

To bring in 577,000 foreign workers during a huge economic collapse is fiscal insanity. But on it goes for the twentieth year. After so much humiliation, engineers are voting with their feet.

“I took a job in the Czech republic. It’s amazing to be here, and there’s no police state or groping at the airports either” said Doug Mead a computer programming contractor.

“Things were going great when we replaced our American engineers, we all got big bonuses for saving the company money. Then one of our core servers went down and no one knew how to fix it. We brought in a high level consultant for five hundred dollars an hour and he left saying it was ‘spaghetti code’ and unfixable. We lost half our customers over that incident and then a few months later the company declared bankruptcy” said an anonymous MBA from a former fortune 1000 company.

The bloodletting is effecting American startup companies as well according to a new study by the Hudson Institute. Most startups were created by people who reached the zenith in their profession and then would contract. This gave them enough extra money to start companies. But since America rapes it’s own citizens and has imported now FOUR MILLION H-1Bs for the 4.4 million existing technology jobs, it’s bloodshed and chaos out there. Not only are jobs hard to get, the prices have fallen in real terms to 25% of what they were ten years ago. Corporate America has succeeded in utterly wrecking the tech industry in their quest for rape and cheap workers. Yes a few startups still push on and venture companies still exist. But now, rather than come from a background as ubermensch engineers, many are marketing pods from Facebook and Google. So we get an endless stream of “social” startups and less real engineering. And more crap.

In the end this issue will be decided company by company. Some like Accenture, IBM, Bank of America will keep using these scab laborers from India, and others like Apple will refuse. We’ll see whose still got a company in five years.

Multiply the numbers in the chart below by TEN to get a rough sense of how many H-1Bs they have imported in the past decade:

h-1b numbers