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Chairman Ly was back at it again presenting the video of the Chang-4 dark side lunar lander’s moon landing.

Hu Mi Ly was adamant that the landing was real.

“Here you see moon landing. Rook Rike Apollo Landing. We use same 1950 cameras. Brwak and White. That way look same Apollo” said Ly.

When asked why they didn’t film in color Hu Mi replied “You ever watch Abbot Costrello? Very funny. Rook Better than color. Watch Sandra Bernhard, she color. No funny”

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First pictures From Chinese Moon Landing

Well it’s true, China has done it again with indisputable proof that they have finally landed on the moon.

“Wait, that planet earth, that’s clearly fake. And that planet earth.. why it looks like a BLOB”

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“No No, Real Earth. Earth Blobby. It distorted by Moon Low Atmosphere. Earth has many blobs. real. All real” replied Hu Mi Ly.