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  1. THE IRS. ALL TAXATION IS THEFT.  Peter Schiff’s dad died schackled to a prison bed for telling the truth – we do not legally have to pay any taxes on income
  2. The FBI.  Hoover in a DRESS was the BEST the FBI ever was. Now they are just criminals
  3. The TSA Ball Squeezers.  Nuff said.
  4. This CIA. They brought in drugs and made billions. Why do they still exist?
  5. Department of Edumacation. Americans are dumber than ever.
  6. the administrators for the congressional and sent “molesting” and “sexual abuse” payola fund. they squeeze tits and taxpayers pay the women to be quite. It’s a win win… NOT
  7. Any part of government that seizes property without a guilty verdict in a trial
  8. the ATF – Remember WACO? Ruby Ridge? Frameups and harrassing americans is not any america I want.
  9. NASA. Landings were fake. Haven’t accomplished shit in 40 yrs. Nuff said Where’s my rotating 2001 space station it’s 2019 fer christs sake
  10. Every governor, mayor, and police officer who give Sanctuary to illegal alien invaders can go take a hike. We won’t mind.