OhMyGod Like we push the white chics to date negros and laugh at them. OMYGod.

Are you horrified yet?

It’s like the Leftist Tri-fecta of Feminism. The show premiss? Either a annoying black chick and a lesbian critique white girls forced to date negors… Now the huge irony  – Hideously Ugly Non-Datable people that no self respecting white male would go near, cackling and laughing at people dating.

But it’s much sicker than that. It’s like cackling vicariously at white women by all the leftist feminsta agenda-ists. It’s horrific. and it’s shameful. But most shameful of all is watching a woman so brain washed that she acts like dating a niggor is normal. It is not its’s disgusting and horrific. And it makes most americans puke. Keep cackling hideous freaks on the sofa. Keep cackling. We know your number. This is normalization, this is overton window programming. This is SICK

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OR a gay boy and a white chick laugh as white chicks are forced to date negros

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It’s the Feminist Trifecta! Push the destruction of white women while lesbians and gays and blacks cackle at them. OH MY GAWD! LEt’s DRINK!

It’s all just funny to the Marxist nut jobs, it’s insanity to regular Americans.

Watch for yourself!