Nathan Phillips, the Ersatz refrigerator repairman Injun drum player has finally come clean about his encounter with the Covington Kentucky high school boys.

“Honestly, I thought he was cute, but I was worried my halitosis would prevent us from forming a man-child love bond. So I banged my drum in his face and droned out my love dance.”

“He ya heh…. He yahhhhh hey….. Hey yah HIIII…. Hey YAH HIIII”

Over and over. The boy seemed to fall a bit in love. But it wasn’t enough.

“Damn halitosis. It’s my undoing” sobbed the injun medicine man. “Bad Wampum scare the spirits?”

“Scare the spirits” we asked?

“No, the black israel spirits. They are just angry hateful sons of bitches.”

“I didn’t know that there were blacks in Israel. I thought the jews threw them out”

“Oh sure, that’s why they are here. That’s why they are such angry blacks”


“These blacks are nothing but trouble” sighed Phillips, “harassing white man for wampum dollars was easy racket, but now with these blacks… there’s little wampum left for the indian”

Phillips began to shed a tear thinking of all the liberal SJW shake down payola he missed out on this time.  Don’t worry Phillips, you’ll get em next time.

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