Oh Shiloh, you are perhaps the most beautiful child in the whole world. You have millions and millions of dollars and your own animal sanctuatry. Your boobless mom couldn’t breast feed you, but you had enough moolah that we are betting someone did!

Nietzsche had the vision of the Ubermensch, and if ever one was born it is you.

Shiloh “Arm” Pitt is the product of the genetic mingling of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. It sounds like a south park episode but no its real.

Image result for south park genetic lab three butts

P.S. Trump caved on the border wall. Sad times. Maybe he can finally get with the executive order to ban birthright citizenship. NAWWWW. That would be TOO EASY4


With hair that would make Justin Bieber blush, Shiloh Pitt is just inches from  taking Hollywood by storm in the next Home Alone movie. but why work? When millions are already at hand. As he will learn from scarecrow mom, you work in hollywood to maintain your POWER.

Just as Trump should work to pass an executive order declaring that in matters of national emergency only the supreme court can overrule his orders, and all lower level judges are ignored if their judgments are appealed. Take that Ninth circuit. Will he do it? Oh it would be too easy. It’s better to be a fake right winger loser.


Isn’t this the freshest face you’ve ever seen? Neotonous Prime.

Of course, Trump could increase the heat by taking all the troops in Germany and Afghanistan and moving them to our borders, guns at the ready, with shoot to kill orders.

Nawww… that would upset our lollypop world. Just keep looking at pictures of Shiloh and tell yourself everything is fine.


Did having a baboon for a sister and Short Round as an Asian Brother effect Shiloh? It’s hard to  know. Rumors abound he keeps his toys well locked up in that kinda house. Really this family is a good representation of the future of America if Trump doesn’t build that wall.

Maybe Trump should try the tough love and start arresting DACANs and throwing them out, and not to just the other side of the border either. If they are mexican send them to the southernmost tip of Mehico. If they are from Honduras, put them on a remote island off the coast.  Each one would get ten bucks, a coconut, and a letter warning them never to re-enter the  USA or face life in prison. A fair deal?

Maybe, but not as fair as what Angelina got from Brad in that divorce settlement. Whoo Bucks!

And what about the Somalians where the government wont take them back? I’ve got a solution for that too. Put them in a small boat just offshore and shoot some holes in it. Adios Amigos. I think they’ll make it to shore even without paddles but what the hey give them one or two for good luck.

There’s a lot Trump can still do. It’s not really the Mawing jaw of defeat. But it it sure looks like it. Maybe we need to siege weapon launch Anne Coulter over the white house fence to give him a piece of her mind.


Trump could learn a bit from Angilina Jolly on how to do a wall right. Her’s has pretty moss growing on it. Looks friendly, almost cheerful. But its all steel and concrete inside. No need to see through it, just keep the fuckers out.

That moss and ivy is slippery as hell if you try to climb on it, and the dobermans inside eat you if you aren’t invited. She saves money on dog food. Trump could learn a thing from how these beautiful people live.

Angelina’s other house has has FIVE walls. FIVE.  The invaders would be too tired to steal from you or rape you!  I picture it something like this around wall four.

“Eh Jose dees walls are brutal”

“don’t worry Paco, this is wall four, we are minutes from all the jewels”


“I’m going home. Mexicans don’t like such hard work”