Hello Patriot Meese. er Mice. How the F are ya!  Yep it’s me, old mouse, and I’ve been watching the Trump slaughter of Roger Stone, the horrible Huckabee disavow of Stone and all of them acting like it doesn’t effect Trump. Well it does. Because if every last fucking person who stands up for the Conservative view in America gets dragged off at 4am by 30 armed thugs while Shrillary Mittins goes free, it’s a big fucking deal.

I met Roger Stone. It was at a book signing. Instead of getting his latest book, I got his BEST book – the man who killed Kennedy.  The crowd had thinned, it was late, and he was tired. BUT HE STILL took time to talk to me.

“Is it true the LBJs first act was to revoke the Kennedy direct issuance of currency” I asked.

I forget what he replied. But we had a nice conversation. This was a smart decent man, humble, well dressed (gay? no married!) eloquent, and much more down to earth than he comes across on the Alex Jones show.

The thought that left wing storm troopers are free to take this man for doing WHAT? FOR DOING NOTHING! And we are silent? How is that going to work out?

Roger Stone’s wife is DEAF. What if storm troopers had stormed in and screamed “put your hands above your head” and when she couldn’t hear them god forbid shot her? This isn’t games folks, this is serious.

Trump – aka BIG PUSSY – has lost it. He’s lost his freakin mind. The best defense is a good offense. So wheres the freakin offense Trump? ZERO . NADA. EL ZILCHO.  Yah that’s really going to make the rest of us want to fight for you in 2020.

Trump had TWO campaign slogans. Just two. “LOCK HER UP” and “BUILD THE WALL”

Ok how’s he doing on those two items. In pursuit of Shrillary Mittins he as done NOTHING.  He finally made small overtures to build the wall after LOSING THE HOUSE. FAILURE EX FACTO POSTUS.


OK let’s talk a bit of game. What SHOULD BIG PUSSY do to regain his cohonis?  Well first of all, we need an executive order. And it needs to get slipped through without fanfare or news cycle. and it needs to read like this:

In cases involving a national emergency, threat to our nation, or death of our citizens

Only the supreme court shall be recognized as having authority to rule against the

president and all other lower court rulings shall have no effect so long as they are

appealed by the president within 24 hours.


This is the PREAMBLE. And sneak it in.  Get ER DONE. Because next is the EO to build the wall. And after that is the EO to arrest Shrillary Mittins. And next is the EO to arrest Mueller. and on and on. With no Ninth Circuit – we fuck our kids – douchebags to countermand justice.

Trump has lost everything by being BIG PUSSY.  We all remember how he ended up. The ONLY POSSIBLE defense in this situation is a strong offense. And that means pardoning STONE and CORSI and anyone else being held on process crimes which are INVENTIONS of DERANGED MINDS.  Let the MUELLER PROBE go on, BUT NOT WITH THESE fake crimes and fake indictments. And let’s not forget the terrible treatment of Manafort, held in solitary confinement for months and months. He needs to be pardoned for time served as well.

Allright BIG PUSSY what’s it going to be.  Because if you don’t grow a pair now I’m marching for Occasional Communist Cortes.  Who the hell wants to be a conservative when in the back of your mind you know your facing the STONE treatment, bankruptcy, or worse.