We hear this all the time when black women steal and get caught.

In several cases caught on film other blacks fight off security guards trying to stop shoplifters crying she’s pregnant. But the truth is they are JUST FAT!

Well, it’s happened again. The frightening black invaders in Sweden think they can just not pay for their subway train rides just like in America. But apparently Swedes still think everyone must pay.


It gets reported in the news stories as “a pregnant woman” but no proof is ever followed up. It’s all to shame the security guards so all black women can ride for free.

Will the Swedes stay tough? Or will the cave. Only time will tell.

“Ahhhhs Pregnant, Get yah Hands Off Me Ahsss Pregnant”

Uhm sure you are.


Pregnant? Or Like Many Black Women – JUST FAT!

A pregnant woman who was dragged off a train by two security guards in Sweden has revealed how she feared for her baby’s life. Shocking video footage showed the expecting mother, who is due in 20 days, being pulled off the carriage and pinned face down on a bench as her daughter stands by crying hysterically. ‘It felt like I was in a nightmare, a dream I couldn’t believe,’ the woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Pregnant mum dragged off train in Sweden Play Video Loaded: 0% 0:00Progress: 0% PlayMute Current Time 0:00 / Duration Time 2:00 Fullscreen The woman was dragged off a train in Stockholm, Sweden (Picture: Action4Humanity_se)

‘I lost my last child at eight months pregnancy so to be eight months pregnant and go through this treatment is something I can’t put into words. ‘All I was thinking when they dragged me and laid me on my stomach and sat on me was: “My baby! Don’t hurt my baby”.

The two men who dragged the woman off the train at the Hotorget station, in Stockholm, accused her of travelling without a ticket – but she insists she had one but could not find it. The guards have both been suspended pending an investigation. The guards accused her of travelling without a ticket (Picture: Action4Humanity_se) Activist Lovette Jallow, who shared a video of the incident on her Instagram, told that the mother had been left ‘bruised and traumatised’ by the ordeal.

‘These incidents are very common especially with brutality at the hands of guards and sometimes police,’ she said.