So they invite all the illegals into California, and then they bankrupt all the government services. Even with the HUGE tax payola from silicon valley (California should look rich rich rich but it looks like a slum!) the state is always broke.

Gobbling up all the welfare and medical services is one effect that having 20 million illegal invaders in your state causes. Another is to push up RENT prices.

In some cities like LA and San Francisco, a one bedroom apartment starts at well over $2000 a month.

So Kamala (our somewhat black senator) has proposed a tax deduction of RENT from your federal tax bill.

In cities like san fran and LA you can earn up to 125,000 a year and still get a deduction. If you earn under $50,000 you get to deduct HALF your rent from your taxes.

It’s a great idea, except most illegals never file taxes! Well maybe a few legal poor citizens would get some crumbs. Let’s take an example.

Jorge Likes His Consruction Job, But OH the Taxes!

Jorge, a 40 year old construction worker from Mehico is married to his 22 year old Juanita. They have eight children. The marriage isn’t registered because Jorge would get arrested for having sex with a twelve year old girl.  “No Soy El Papa” says Jorge. So Jorge is a single filer as far as the tax system is concerned. Juanita gets welfare and section 8 housing voucher to pay for half her $3000 a month house rental. She recieves a basic disability payment of 1,200 a month and gets $400 a month for each of her eight children, for  a total monthly income of $4,600 a month. She also participates in the state’s babysitting exchange where she agrees to babysit her neighbors “chillin” and they claim to babysit her’s for another $1,500 a month. So her gross is  $72,300 a year tax free. And free medical for her and all her children even though she isn’t in the country legally.  Jorge still hasn’t found a cash only construction job, so he still pays taxes.

When Juanita first invaded the USA she qualified for the Earned Income Tax Credit and received $6,000. But because she was a first time filer, she gets to back-file for two additional years for a total of $18,000 with which she bought a nearly new Ford F-150 pickup truck for Jorge and the family. It’s a pretty good incentive to invade a country, but of course in Europe or the UK you’d get much more. But wait, there’s more.

Juanita has filed a farmer discrimination complaint for which she can receive up to $100,000 dollars for her farms in midtown manhattan which did not get farm loans. The blacks got to file these claims and buy brand new houses without filing a sworn statement, but Juanita has to sign a sworn statement to file because she is Hispanic. Blacks just got the money free and easy with no sworn statement – “I is a FARMER BIATCH!”  Shockingly all the claims were paid out under the Pigford v Glickman and Pigford II leglislation. Almost no one was turned down. Pigford II extended the payola to “hispanics” but required a sworn affidavit. This mainly helped prevent whites from trying to claim they were hispanic and get the free houses.  It was extended to Hispanics because the Hispanic leaders got mad that blacks were getting so much money, so people who were never involved in slavery or discrimination, heck weren’t even in the country legally, got to file for hundreds of thousands of dollars in basically free money.

Juanita paces nervously “Wha eef they discover I no have farms in Manhattan?” she ponders. Don’t worry Juanita, we’re sure the Government will come through. Once their farm discrimination money comes in, they will finally be able to buy a brand new house, cash in a less expensive city like Paso Robles. Still she worries. “Will they really give me so much free money?”

Under Kamala’s New plan, Jorge who earns 49,000 a year, could deduct 1,500 a month from his taxes – $18,000 tax credit, PLUS the $12000 individual deduction and VOILA – Jorge only has to pay taxes on $19,000 a year not his $49,000 gross.  The tax rate on the first 20k is only 12% so Jorge pays only $2000 a year in taxes.  It’s like a small fee for invading America.

“Dis is OK, but ohh the social security!”

Yehp, Jorge is still getting slammed by his 7% social security taxes, which is about $3,500 a year. More than his regular taxes.

“Necessito un trabajo que paga in dollares, aye caramba!” sighs Jorge.  Soon Jorge, keep looking you’ll find it.

Alas, it’s unlikely either Kamala’s rental subsidy or Corey Bookers bill for rent assistance will ever pass. Until they do, Feel the PAIN Biatches!


A few weeks after filing the story we checked back on Juanita and her check for $100,000 did indeed come through. “Dis is the bestest country on earth!” giggled a smiling Juanita.  But not for white people. these programs are only for blacks and hispanics.

Illegally in Houston since 1996, an Individual Tax Identification Number, known as an ITIN, and a Texas driver’s license were enough to secure their mortgage, allowing them to purchase a home.

Certain lenders don’t ask for immigration papers. And buyers using a special tax ID often don’t need a lengthy credit history that has allowed many undocumented workers to realize the American Dream said, while contributing to an upturn in the real estate market.

As for banks and lending institutions that grant ITIN loans, the risk is low, experts said. For example, Banco Popular limits ITIN loans to a maximum of $150,000, spokesman Juan Carlos Cruz said.

Banks approach such mortgages differently.

Wendy Buitron of the Texas Department of Banking, which oversees the state’s financial system, confirmed that using an ITIN to obtain a mortgage is legal.

Real risks

Banco Popular, which has been issuing ITIN mortgages since 1997, does not believe it is the bank’s responsibility to determine the immigration status of a person, Cruz said.

For Jorge and Juanita, a couple from Mexico who have lived illegally since 1996, an Individual Tax Identification Number, known as an ITIN, and a Texas driver’s license were enough to secure their mortgage, allowing them to purchase a home in 2002.

“I was really surprised when I found out that it could be done,” said Jorge, who bought his home through Gloria Castrejón‘s realty firm, La Palma.

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