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You are forced to go to the office everyday and pretend to work your affirmative action or gynocracy fake job. and it’s stressing out your millenial vibe. The Vagina Hat has your back. err… something.

vagina head pillow3

For when that day at the office becomes too much, just put your hands in your Vagina Head and block the world out! It’s like your own personal safety Uterus.  Harken back to the days of the birth canal when life was easier. Now its all stressy and stuff.


vagina head pillow2

“Jon was always stressed at work, but now with Vagina Head, he’s meek as a lamb!” Be your own uterus and suddenly comfort meets FUN! You can even play tunes from your iPhone**



vagina head pillow1

So get your vagina head today! In happy blue or on the Rag Red styles. Guaranteed to make a millenials transition to the real world as painless as possible.

**fallopian tube headphones  not included in base kit

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