Trump-Alone-TimeTrump has been backed into a corner. The dems are doing endless investigations on his finances, campaign, russian collusion.

But the only criminal who had illegal campaign financing, and russian collusion was Hillary. So this all begs insanity.

Hopefully new AG barr gets sworn in soon and Trump then has to give him his marching orders. Sick the dogs. GET ON IT.

Because if he doesn’t he is the one who is going to end up boxed in and weak.

The most critical thing of course is locking up Hillary. And the first chargers should be simple – destruction of evidence, and violating national security. Then sick the dogs on her 145 million kickback for giving our uranium to Russia. And that will open up the investigation to Rod Rosenstein and Mueller. And THAT is precisely WHY they are attacking Trump. That is what they fear.

And it’s not even a secret. So we have to ask… Do we all STILL FEAR HILLARY? REALLY? I mean for sure she’s killed dozens of people. But so have many other thugs.

A new AG also means closing down the Mueller probe.  Demand he deliver a interim report to congress. If its crap, terminate him. Its that simple.

But they should go further. They should charge him with abuse of power and DISBAR him. While that won’t impact him really, he’s retired with millions forgods sake, it will SHAME HIM.

Mueller was the one who covered up 911. He’s been in cahoots for a long long time.

And isn’t Ginsberg dead?  Demand she show up for roles in the next case or shes OUT! Time for another supreme appointment by trump.

And what about the wall. Trump should start building part of it just to piss off the Demothugs. But FIRST he has to issue an order stating that so long as appeals are filed, in matters of national security ONLY THE SUPREME COURTS injunction has merit. GAME SET MATCH.

And invite that covington smirking kid to the white house. Heap love on him. Shame those bastard black israelite / phillips hate group madmen.

And while we’re talking invites, it’s time for PUTIN to come. That should inducce massive shrieking.

While he’s doing stuff, he might increase the number of investigations on H-1B visa fraud which had cut software engineers salaries in half and put 90% of our american engineers into the streets. Five million indian engineers in the usa for four million jobs is quite a bit too many thank you very much.  And once he finds that they all have fake degrees, cut the numbers allowed down to 10,000 a year. Not 577,000 a year!!!!

For thirty years now America has imported hundreds of thousands of Indians with fake degrees on the H-1B visa, over FIVE MILLION now in the country for the scarce four million jobs. How many american software engineers have to die, face bankruptcy or finally seek other fields before America wakes up? the next time there is a war and we need them to break codes and develop safe systems, well maybe the engineers will tell the government to fuck off. And they’d be right for doing so.

And better yet, hit them with all of this ALL AT ONCE, the news media won’t know what story to cover.

Stop playing defense and eating fancy lobster and caviar, it’s time to get out there and SLUG a little.