Another fun day at the ranch. El trumpo has finally pushed for a border wall. What has he not done?

Well he hasn’t stopped anchor babies – an abuse of birthright citizenship.

He Hasn’t stopped 300,000 Indian plowing in to take our software engineer’s jobs this year on the H-1B visa.

And he hasn’t stopped the legal tide of immigration which will swamp us as well.

It’s not so much the numbers, but the graft, crime, criminality, welfarism of these new peoples.

For example, case after case of Nigerians and Somalians pushing through medicare fraud to the tune of millions of dollars. They live to cheat and cheat to live.

And being on a course to reach 500 MILLION people by 2050, and to reduce the Europanic population to 40% just isn’t anything other than national suicide.

Let’s face it the Europanics ARE the productive peoples of this country, and the net tax payers, and most everyone else is a net drain.

But that isn’t to say there is no place for blacks and hispanics in our society. Just it needs to be measured, not overrun. And Europanics are too overstressed and overworked and overtaxed to have babies. Not to mention the new #METOO argh a man looked at me movement. the divorce courts don’t help white people to have babies either. Only 16% of millenials are getting married and having kids vs. 80% of boomers and 45% of Gen X. Why? Overworked overstressed over #METOO and over divorce raped by feminista judges in divorce court.

It’s all madness. Until we fix the system for our native population, no not Mr. Phillips and his boron drum, our EUROPANIC settlers who founded this nation, until then no more huge levels of legal immigration.

And then there’s TPS. Temporary Protected Status. Was there an earthquake? Come to america and stay 20 years. I’m pretty sure the earthquake was over 19 years ago!

There are things trump can do without congress. most specifically blocking social security numbers to anchor babies. No American parent no number.  And follow on with … no welfare or disability or anything without a SSN.

The legal route from Somalia to America is madness. and the government spends big on it for housing money and food for all of that. That’s all dollars that doesn’t go to Americans. Do we need it? Hell no!

A wall is a start, but it’s not a solution. It’s just one step. Oh and Lock up Hillary. LOCK HER UP. That was your other big campaign promise in case you forgot Mr. Trump