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It works like this. Illegal Aliens in California get a driver’s license. They automatically get placed on the voter rolls. But being illegal they don’t vote. Most of them anyways.

No problem, the Democrats take all those illegal voter registrations and file absentee ballots for them, all voting DEMOCRAT.

Governor Jerry Brown signed AB 1921, a then-barely-noticed revision to the state’s vote-by-mail procedures.  And that tiny maneuver allowed Democrats ULTIMATE victory.

It’s a Hustle Trump tried to expose, but California REFUSED to turn over voting records. GAME SET MATCH.

There is STILL a way Trump can win, however, which is to finally obtain those voting records and begin arresting the illegals en masse for illegal voting. When they swear they never voted, the scam will get exposed.

Until then, Democrats will win EVERY SINGLE VOTE.  Unless REPUBLICANS begin to do the same thing, but they cannot because they don’t have access to the voter databases, only the Democrats running the place do. sigh.

Madness. Highly Illegal. and Totally Democrat.