Yes, blacks and brown races do have a DYSGENIC effect on society. They are missing much of the neocortex, impulse control, concepts of morality and raising a family, responsibility, and produce a great cost for society.

White mans burden. This needs to be a managed cost. And White nations CAN support 8-10% non Europanic peoples without HORRIFIC effect.

The problem is America has now seen the massive population growth which it cannot support. We don’t have the roads, food or water for 500 billion people.

And all of it is from the non-Europanics. And with them come huge drains on our system, for jails, courts, welfare, police, pensions for all those government workers, etc.

So we raise taxes on the productive people, and they get overworked and stop forming families altogether. It’s a vicious cycle. With seeming no answer unless we combine welfarism with birth control. No one is investing in this technology.  Because it is not enough to say dont have babies you cant afford, even to withhold money, they simply lack control.

I imagine a device that with the right external code machine will lock and unlock sperm tubes and fallopian tubes. do we have another choice?

We have descended into dysgenic MADNESS. 55% of births are to non-Europanics in the USA now it’s just a matter of time, more invaders over the borders is just adding gasoline.

So even if you are black, what course do you want for the nation? Utter collapse? No I think not.

Yes, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Poland, they don’t have the huge pressures of managing negroid costs. But neither are they large enough to produce huge armies to push back communists. So we are stuck with America. And we must fix it. Or literally the whole world will die.

We can only hope.. that there is still time for spring as the great Ms Horn tells us. Ironically … She learned jazz from listening to the acts playing at the famous U Street jazz area of Washington  which was destroyed by BLACKS in the  1968 riots.  A few bright stars in a jungle of madness. Its sad.