Drought is code for “deys been breedin like rabbits and are running out of resources” With lavish tons of FREE FOOD and CLOTHING from the west (NEVER Donate your old clothes to the salvation army, they end up in the arms of petty African warlords selling them to used clothing sellers) apparently Zimbabwe after murdering all their white farmers, are getting a wee bit hungry again.

It’s all bullshit. Africa is a population breeding like rabbits and growing out of control, all fed priceless American topsoil in the form of exported crops. It’s a disaster for the USA.

Studying Midwest soil erosion from space
The Light Areas Show Where TopSoil Has been Shipped Off to Africa (clear lake, Iowa)

The cries of DROUGHT in California are exactly the same, it’s not too little water, it’s too many illegal invaders.

I love how they say that “rising food insecurity” will promote violence against women. Cause it tugs on the bleeding heart leftists heart strings.

No! It’s all bullshit. The best thing for Africa would be to starve them BACK a billion people or so so they WOULDn’T need 500 BILLION tons of food from the west sent to them for free each year.  DON’T feed the pigeons or you just get more hungry pigeons.

Rainfall records for the 1892 to 2000 period at 40 stations
in Zimbabwe do not demonstrate evidence of changes in the
median, high or low rainfall during the beginning (October to
December), mid-to-end (January to March) of the rainy season, and for the whole year. – Investigating changes over time of annual rainfall in Zimbabwe
D. Mazvimavi
Institute for Water Studies, University of the Western Cape, Private Bag X17, Bellville, 7535, South Africa

Give Us All Your Topsoil!!!





The UN and Zimbabwean authorities on Thursday launched an urgent appeal for $234 million (205 million euros) for more than five million people in need of aid. The appeal came as UN Humanitarian Affairs chief Mark Lowcock visited the country to assess its problems.

Funds are needed to “provide urgent food, health, water, sanitation, hygiene and protection support” for 2.2 million people of the 5.3 million people in need over the next six months, the United Nations said in a statement.

Zimbabwe’s roughly 17 million people are in the grip of a crippling drought and a sagging economy. The statement said:

“In areas across the country, there are acute shortages of essential medicines, and rising food insecurity has heightened the risk of gender-based violence, particularly for women and girls.”

A government document seen by AFP said that around 7.5 million people in both rural and urban areas will require food aid between February 2019 and March next year.

“I am releasing $10 million today as a first contribution to the appeal,” Lowcock said during the launch of the appeal in Harare. Lowcock earlier held talks with President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ministers of foreign affairs and finance.

During the talks he urged the government to “find ways of engaging with people about legitimate grievances” – including through national dialogue on the economic challenges the country is facing.

He also called on the authorities to investigate all reports of violence in a “prompt, thorough and transparent manner.” In January, protests erupted nationwide after Mnangagwa announced fuel prices would double in a country already battling inflation and shortages of basic necessities.

Troops and police were deployed following widespread looting and rioting. At least 17 people died and hundreds were injured, dozens of them with gunshot wounds, when protests were crushed.

Shortly after landing in Harare on Wednesday, Lowcock visited families in the poverty-stricken area of Epworth, which saw some of the fiercest violence during the January upheaval. The El Nino weather phenomena resulted in poor rainfall, affecting corn harvests.

Zimbabwe’s economy has been on a new downward spiral since 2012. In January, annual inflation shot to 57% from 42.09% in December 2018, according to official figures.