“I have to take off my hat to China: it’s a very clever trade move,” Jeffrey Tucker, the editorial director at the American Institute for Economic Research, told RT, adding that Beijing “would never admit that this is part of the trade war.”

Infographic: China Won't Accept U.S. Plastic Waste. Now What? | Statista

“It’s a way of putting a huge tariff or a blockade on the worst of American exports to China. If it is a tactic, it’s a brilliant one.”

PM: HU, HU, Good to see ya mate


PM: So listen, we hear that China is no longer accepting American Trash? As part of the Tariff war?

HM No, No Tariff War.  Trash Trade Good Money for China. We Get 200 million dollars to take containers of American trash. We dump it in ocean. It Fwee money for China. But now now more.  Fish dying.  China now Green China not Red China. China go green.

PM: So now suddenly you care about the pacific garbage patch?

HM: Listen listen. China Love Garbage. We use ancient currents. Dump Trash Offshore and it hits American Beaches. Good for China! But now, Garbage patch, it stop garbage. It just get bigger and bigger. Some day China conquer like Spratly. Wrike Sprwatly.  It long term plan. America no long term plan, just make garbage sell to China. Maybe.. no tariff… China take American garbage again.

PM: But what’s to stop America from NOT spending the 200 million and just dump it’s garbage in the ocean. I mean its the same thing.

HM: No, America can never do that. Ocasio Cortez Green plan. America will go green. China Green. Green new communist color. We love green.

PM: Wait are you saying this green plan is a communist plan?

HM:  You no want garbage, you want green plan, then no tariff  China. Ocasio and Democrats, they no want garbage. Only way forward is true green plan.

PM: Shit, I knew something was up. Well thank you Hu Mi, it’s been enlightening to talk with you.

HM: No cars, then America become just like china, ride bicycle. Green Plan for the win!


China, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam are dumping more plastic into oceans than the rest of the world combined , according to a 2017 report by Ocean Conservancy. This isn’t just an Asia problem. Plastic is one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world. The U.S. wasted about 33.6 million tons of plastic, and only 9.5% was recycled.

Not only does plastic kill marine life and choke seabirds, but toxic fragments from plastic can end up in the seafood we eat. It also requires decades to break down.