“I want to Live for my Kids”

Shantel Smith lost both legs and part of her hands when she became septic because she carried around a dead child in her uterus for weeks.

“She put the ultrasound gel on my stomach and was trying to find the heartbeat. And she was like ‘He’s tryin to hide from me” “That’s just normal sometimes babies HIDE”

The woman searched and searched through layers of fat but could not see the baby.

“I can’t find the heartbeat” said the woman in ultrasound.

Fat women having babies. It’s a problem in America that no one wants to talk about. But as the obesity epidemic rages, complications in pregnancy – especially black women on welfare – all to often the infant dies.

The video of Shantel cuts to her preparing deep fried chicken for the family. Hmmmm. We wonder.

“We find the responses the hospitals have are full of these dog whistles that are anti-black and anti-woman,” said Monifa Bandele, senior vice president of MomsRising, a national organization working on maternal justice issues. “This statement is a perfect example of how black women feel entering this hospital: You’re poor, you’re uneducated, you’re fat.

Shantel is suing the hospital and doctor for malpractice, but a board review found she received good care.

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The doctor luckily was a good one and immediately suspected sepsis and treated her aggressively or she wouldn’t be alive today.

Shantel uses her stumps to open a gallon jug of vegetable oil – the reason for her fatness? as she fries chicken