PM: JewYa! YEEEHAW! Sounds like yer a Texas!

JD: Err actually I live on Longiland

PM: I see I see. So let’s get this right, you are tagging sound ideas about the displacement of Whites with Africans in Europe as a Conspiracy Theory

JD: Das the Conspiracy theory OF Conspiracy Theories tell ya da true

PM: YES! Of course. And your vicious administrators are defending your pages saying “the great replacement is a conspiracy theory” so that everyone who searches on the term after it was references in the NZ killing, will see that as their TOP GOOGLE RESULT

JD: Yah we put Conspiracy Theory in the title itself so everyone would see that in Google

PM: OF course you did. And you even blocked people making logical arguments that this wasn’t a conspiracy theory, cited UN documents, Historical documents, etc…

JD: Yah we said they were “cherry pickin” and “writing original science” which isn’t allowed.

PM: But you called all those sources “RIGHT WING” and blocked them as having no merit. The United Nations is right wing?

JD: Yah well.. have to stop the posting somehow

PM: And then when the user put a full accounting of your horrible anti-truth practices, you BLOCKED the USER and removed their comments on the talk side of the page, even though THAT is what users are supposed to do

JD: Well we locked that page down. No discourse is allowed. Anyone who tries to edit it or make a comment immediately sends an alert to our JEW Leftie administrators who remove it.

PM: And you also associated with the tag “Islamophobia” even though white replacement has nothing specifically to do with Islam. You also linked it ot the “white genocide conspiracy theory”

JD: Yah well, we have to call all of the facts about white replacement a conspiracy theory or they might stop us from destroying the white populations around the world and replacing them with Africans. They might wise up. And then they might get hostile against the UN, Soros, Tony Blair, Obama, and of course all the Jews who put this plan in motion. Heck we’ve even got the Democratic party pushing for full on invasion and destruction of America and no one even blinks an eye. That’s power. That’s the control we have at Wikipedia – we are the SOURCE of Truth!

PM: You sound more like the ministry of information from Orwell’s 1984. So we really just have you one question. WHY? Why block the truth?

JD: Well this white replacement, see, we gotta have it. Jews and LEfties want to remove all these high falutin white people from every nation. That way we will feel safer. Everytime you protest your expungement from your nation we just call you a White supremacist. Then once we have more than 50% of the population, we just vote the rest of the immigrants in.

PM: But it brings in MUSLIMS who often ATTACK JEWS and LEFTISTS. Rape their women. Even KILL.

For the few seconds our page was alive on Wikipedia we managed to get Indexed by Google, thus showing MILLIONS that the Great Replacement is not necessarily a conspiracy theory

JD: It’s the price we have to pay for zionist control of the world. The Jews should go to Israel now. No point in them staying in these nations now that we have full control of the government and the media, and of course Wikipedia

PM: OK! well we were a bit confused but now it’s making some sense. Thanks so much Jewya! We won’t bother you on Wikipedia again now that we know its fully controlled by your people and has nothing to do with Truth.

JD: OH no worries, its just the cost of doing bidness. Take care PM!