China has refused accepting US recycling. And the Whales are happy.

See every time you recycled, it got gathered up, put in a giant shipping container and then sent to china.

China then put all the recycling onto a large barge, towed it out to sea, and dumped it into the ocean. For that, they got hundreds of millions of dollars. They never recycled anything!

All the plastic goes to the center of the pacific and is called the great garbage patch. Trillions of tons of garbage that American’s though was being re-made into nice new products, is just a giant island that kills fish and whales.


So this “go green” is a lie. Recycling is a lie. Worse, Whales are dying because they swallow the plastic. All those diet coke bottle holder wrappers get lodged in Whale membranes killing them.

Go green, say NO to recycling (aka Ocean Dumping Whale Death)