As Democrats push their leftist agenda, one big part of it is the government push to extend the time when a woman has the right to choose.

“A woman’s body is her right!” said Democrat operative CHula O’Rourke.  “We believe in abortions up to the 30th Tri-Mester. It’s a woman’s right to choose”

We caught up with several outspoken democrats to see if they supported a woman’s right to choose.

“Why yes, I do support the right to choose.” said another senior staffer.

“Do you think these later birth abortions in the 30th trimester will become the new normal?” we asked

“Yes, a woman should have the right to choose even in the 30th trimester”

The 30th trimester includes 9 year olds

“Hey Bro, You support a woman’s right to choose”

“For Shuh Bro”

“Well we have some bad news, your mom just decided to choose”

“ARRG wait what nooo!!!!!!”