PM: BOBBY! It’s Report Day, you must be tired

RM: Yes, it’s been a tough two years

PM: Do you remember what you said when you started? If I don’t find Russian Collusion I’ll eat a Shit Sandwich

RM: Well err… it was a figure of speech

PM: Well you’re in luck, because we HAVE BROUGHT for you YOUR SANDWICH.  Enjoy EVERY bite as payback for the Hell you and your dark state colluders put the nation through for the past two years

RM: You can’t be serious

PM: Save a bite for McCabe, Lisa Page, That Witch Loretta Lynch, Comey, Bruce Orr, You’ll have to spread that shit around like the shitstorm you have been whipping up for the past 600 days

RM: Well I TRIED to find collusion, I got Manafort to go to prison for eight years. And 12 Russians

PM: Robbie, it’s all … zee BULLSHIT. Take another bite. Smell it deep as you swallow. We’ve had to swallow your poo for months

RM: I just did a job I was asked to do

PM: Look it wasn’t even fuckin legal. There was no crime, nothing citied to launch the investigation. How the fuck do you investigate with no crime cited something that isn’t even a crime if it did happen?

RM: Yah that was definately the tough part. I thought I could Make them sing if I put them in solitary and bankrupted them, threatened their families

PM: Take another BITE robbie, Take another bite. And what about Obama, he gets off scott free? And the Hillary collusion, surely you reported all that! Her paying Russians, the Ukranian involvement, Iranium One and the 145 million bribe

RM: That’s Uranium One

PM: Whatever freckle butt, did you or did you not investigate all the real crimes that happened on the democratic side

RM: I did not

PM: (motioning to several trucks) Bring them out boys, we’ve got a few thousand shit sandwiches we want you to eat