African Tribe – “Attack them evil whites, kill them”

hundreds scurry over the hill and are met with better armed whites who bash their brains in and beat them back over the hill

“What are we going to do, deys whites they beat us every time”

“Send over a small group of women and children”

So a small group of their prettiest women and a few children arrive.

“This is how we work for our food. Every woman works and takes care of their babies”

“Muh Babies are STARVING!”  says the black woman

“Well yess, err your husband should go out and work and ..”


“Well that’s ok cause … we have WELFARE for our women who cant work, a few crippled women and old ladies. it works out fine”

So fast forward twenty years and now its hundreds and hundreds of blacks, all having babies with no husbands, the young men wont even work and instead terrorize all the other good whites.

“This welfare stuff is terrible. Now they want HALF my paycheck, and almost none of it goes to OUR PEOPLE”

“Don’t be racist, we have to save the whole world”

“It looks like they’ve SENT IN The whole world”

“Now now, you know if they are born here they are citizens of our tribe. But even our taxes are not enough to pay for all of them now, so we will borrow money and print it out of thin air, destroying your ability to have savings. You will be stuck in perpetual servitude to pay for these new welcomed guests”

“That is not fair. They aren’t my tribe”

“Well you can’t break away or we will gun you down. And you can’t not pay or we will throw you in prison”

“This is terrible if we don’t do something right away it will be too late. Already they are HALF our tribe”

“Don’t worry, it will all work out for the best”

The blacks and the other non-whites then held a meeting.

Black Leader – “They are weak. We comprise over HALF their people. It’s time to attack and kill all of them”

2nd Black – “No wait. Remember what happened to Haiti. This is much much better. We don’t have to work, we get to have lots of sex, have lotsa babies and still run around and party as single men. We get free food free housing. What is the point of killing the whites they are already our slaves”

All the blacks clapped and cheered. It was true, the white man had been enslaved by the more primitive blacks without firing a single shot.


While this story is extreme it does illustrate the basics of what has happened.  We have become paralyzed by the systems that were created to help us.

In the end, we must recognize – THEY ARE NOT OUR TRIBE

It is not about white supremacy, it is a recognition that due to their genetics, they are different in many critical areas – in engenuity, in levels of rape and violence, in openness to education, in respect for cities and institutions, in respect for marriage and religion. In all these ways, but most importantly, in having a strong work ethic, they are vastly different.

Historically the USA supported 9% Non Europanics.  Now it’s 50%.  Soon it will be 100%. Who pays the welfare then?

The systems of Welfare that LBJ, that false president who murdered Kennedy (see Roger Stones Book the Man who Killed Kennedy) set us on a course for disaster. Until that time, people had to work, and the churches stepped in to handle the severe cases of physical disability.

There is a choice – either we reform the welfare system – give $1000 a month to all citizens or $1500 to households, over the age of 21, but only for real citizens. Doing so means correctly using the 14th Amendment and ending this farcical notion of birthright citizenship.   There are 100M households. So the cost would be about 1.3 Trillion.  You know that’s not that much more than we spend already.


Ending free medical care for the poor would also be required. They would have to purchase insurance out of their $1000 a month.  (or $1500 for households).

But there is another benefit. Huge savings on government offices and overhead. And also, the non-welfare people would get extra money.  Sure it only raises taxes and inflation on everyone, but at least it is FAIR.  And right now, the rape the working Europanic citizens to pay for mostly minorities and invaders is utter SHITE.

Our current spending per welfare family is quite a bit, and that doesn’t include PRISON spending (being on welfare, single parent, and african genes results in prison for much of that population)

  • Of TANF recipients in 2016, 27.9 percent of were white, 19.1 percent were African American 36.9 percent were Hispanic. [Source: Department of Health and Human Services]
  • 41.6 percent of the African American population and 36. 4 percent of the Hispanic population participated in at least one government assistance program in a given month. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

While this UBI solution isn’t great, we simply aren’t allowed to cut off the spigots.

If nothing changes, more and more of the best and brightest are going to look at the huge taxes, property taxes, and  endless government and say enough I’m leaving. Good luck see you in 20 years when you are 70% Non-Europanic. Who will the USA tax then? Where will the money come from then? They will just print more and more until it all must collapse. What is that number?

Well at our current 21T debt, our debt payments are around 600 BILLION  a year.  Ok let’s triple that. So in 20 years our debt payments will be about 2 Trillion dollars. Assuming our tax base is now degraded with fewer Europanic Americans, its probably right to assume at BEST that we have the same (now inflated) dollars coming in with taxation.  So 3.5 T coming in, and 2 T going out just on interest. That means the acceleration just increases every year. Another 10 years and its 4T coming in and 4T going out in interest. Game over.

If that is NOT the fate you want for the USA then you must do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Because right now we are on a doomsday course.  And millions will die.