Maddow Cries

Ahh the tears. Sweet Liberal Tears. Rachel Maddow broke down and cried to the news that Trump was free of the witch Hunt.

She blamed it on AG Bill Barr. Somehow, Barr had influenced the outcome.

And Swishy Schiff he too is in the dog house. His “hard evidence” of crimes, where is it WHERE THE FUCK IS IT! Well he lied. And lied. And lied. So should he still be in congress? Of course not. But all democrats are liars so they don’t really have a problem with it.

And now,     the end is near…. and so I hope… That Hillary’s packing …. For a Life… In the big House… With Lotsa other Carpet, … It will be Lip Smacking….. She LIVED … a life of cime…. not in a little or in a mild way… oh no… much more than this… SHE DID IT HERRRRR WAY