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Kids visiting the petting zoo got a taste of Muh-diversity as they witnessed a Rapefugee banging the shetland pony.

“Zis is good like a woman look at that pretty hair and eyelashes” the man proclaimed in broken German.

The 23-year-old was reportedly spotted by a babysitter who was visiting the zoo with a child.


The 23-year-old “Syrian” (aka Somalian)  man was reportedly spotted at the Kinderbauernhof (children’s farm) area of Goelitzer Park, in Berlin, by a babysitter who was visiting the zoo with a child.

The incident happened at around 3pm on November 3 in front of horrified visitors, local media reported.

A mum told the Berliner Morgenpost: “My babysitter was at Goerlitzer Park with our son when they witnessed the man carrying out a sexual act on the pony.”

The woman began to hit him with a broom but he would not disengage as the pony let out terrible cries for help.

“Mommy is that pony going to have negro babies now?” asked one of the children.

The woman said her babysitter had informed park staff about the incident but is unwilling to talk about it any further because it was “too traumatising”.

A zoo employee told the German newspaper that the babysitter had taken a photo of the man as he committed the act, and immediately contacted park staff, who called the police.