Additionally, It wouldn’t be a bad thing for women to adopt a different plan and have the government encourage women finding their mates between the age of 16 and 18, having 3 or 4 children, and then going to college.  One way Japan is encouraging women to do this is providing cheap national childcare.  For as little as $100 a month children can be watched while women work or go to school. Not perfect, but it’s an idea. – PM 902050 plan

I thought it a good thing to touch on this strategy. Especially with people screaming “take womens rights away, reform the patriarchy to have more babies”

First, the issue is not more babies. It’s being OUTPRODUCED by negroid species who have children IRREGARDLESS of stress and overcrowding.  A reduction of population in the USA to 200M would be a WONDROUS THING

BUT we still need a decent birth rate and our Europanic women suffering from Uteri Closed Complacitus we need to switch the society plan for them. And I think this is quite fair, and quite simple.

To Wit, we would offer a college FUND (cut down the amount of the standard student loan FIRST so that this would have more value) for women who have 3 or more babies and have remained OFF any form of government assistance.  In most cases that means a male or female provider in the worst case, the family is providing for them.  And the youngest child must reach the age of EIGHT years old.

Let’s draw this out.  A woman marries at 18. Presumably to a Man who is a tradesman and established or has graduate college. By age 22 she has had her 3 children. By age 30 her children have been raised to ages 8-11 and now she can switch to a career path and go to college. Graduate at 34 and get a masters at 36. That still gives her a long career path, companies DO NOT have the stress of maternity leave and holding positions, and also dont have employees with young kids and constant crises. Yes children will always have crises but the level of attention is diminshed.

We should probably add universal after school play centers so that all children are kept and monitored if there is no parent at home, until 6pm. Will that cost? Yehp. A lot. Is that socialism? Probably. But overall total cost of that system vs. what we are doing right now? A lot less.

So in this new system, women would focus on family first, when they are young and strong and that would also encourage them to partner and mate without riding the sex carousel for years and years and then thinking they are marriage material still (they are NOT).

This would require divorce court reform and possibly a Marriage 2.0 (a marriage with strict limits on division of assets and alimony and child support).

Is this the best or only path forward to restarting reproduction? Well we could convert to Muslim or get invaded by them, or maybe all go Amish. But short of those extremes, this might just work. We know cash handouts do not WORK per se, but a complete RETHInk on when having babies should fit into your life is key.

One big step for this is going to be advanced birth control.  uterine tube blockers which can be turned on and off wirelessly. same for men.  We need all these tools to kick start our nation.

And what of Black reproduction? Won’t they benefit as well? Well in this system they would have to stay off welfare to get the benefit (and actually welfare would be replaced with Universal Minimum Income anyways) so it might have to be limited to those who are Formally MARRIED.

There is another piece to this plan and that’s the Debutante Ball, or coming out party.  The whole community should have 2 dates a year where newly 17 year old women ready for their marriage at 18 attract suitors. Like in the old days. Rather than college a place to party and whore around, this more civlized feat would only showcase the quality women and the men who have been graduated from college and in the workforce at least 2 years – ready to start a family and provide for them.  It wouldn’t be a forced marriage, but where the daughters parents would pick from the group of total suitors  say ten men to meet their daughter at the party. There would be dances and some drinks and live bands and general fun.  then the daughter would make her top 3 picks and they would date for several months all together.  Then the men would make their decision and propose marriage (marriage 2.0 not our today’s marriage rape).  And the men who didn’t get picked would keep trying, until they aged out of the process at age 30. so really you would have 6 years of men vying for one year of women, about a 6 to one choosing ground. It favors womens hypergamy to pick the best mate. But men get to keep trying and also to try in regular channels to the now used up sexually experienced women who would not be desire–able mates.  And different races could have their own deb parties and it would work for everyone to encourage STABILITY.  Even more so, add back the concept of a DOWRY which would be public, to assist in buying the first home.  Maybe a beautiful woman has no dowry, whereas a family that knows they have a honkin beast will pony up 100 grand for who takes her.

Now the critics will say that just offering money for women to have babies never work. I would counter, this is quote different, it’s changing the PROCESS and changing the SOCIAL NORM.  Would a lot of women not go this route and still want their 4 years of drinking and whoring in college first? maybe. But most would quickly wise up that this was the far better plan if they wanted a good outcome.

There is a lot to think through. But society CAN change. And we must, or cease to exist.