They say the great replacement is a myth, that it’s not a conspiracy, that there is no coordination or plan. Yet we cite case after case after case. Yet we cite historical cases that show over and over again non-African nations turning Africa and becoming Shit-Holes.

South Africa. Egypt (after they annexed Nubia).  Rome after they extended their citizenship to non-whites. India – the original high IQ race of caucasians there now extinct and only the slightly white Brahman class remain.

It is a extreme drop in IQ, the loss of all 130+ IQ peoples who push society forward, and the RISE of ungovernable, unteachable, utterly corruptable and immoral, and utterly violent thugs. And this is the african genetics. Like the “Killer Bee” that has become africanized and now violent, these new people are chaos and destruction for a nation.

We have current examples like FRANCE to show what happens when just a small number (8%) invade your nation, and we have LARGE examples like America where we now face 13.5% Negroid and 49% Non Europanic races.  Why does America have the largest prison population? Because we have huge populations of violent uncontrollable Negroid peoples.  The leftist call that “racist” because all races are clearly equal, and well, those people need to get sent to Somalia for a month to WAKE THE FUCK UP.

Some people say, that Blacks can be reformed if taken off welfare. But that is only a small part of the reason why they are running wild. It’s true they would do better, but it is ultimately an unfixable lack of decent genetics equipped for the modern world that makes the black and brown people falter.  Low IQ is only the start of it. Propensities for rape and violence, inability to be taught and embrace education, and utter incapacity for future planning and restraint renders them the MY MY ME ME ME ME NOW NOW NOW people. And in Africa where you pick a plantain off a tree and eat it, that’s just fine. But not in a modern society. In Africa there are beaches and rivers to shit into.  Here in America we like to use our natural lands for recreation not shitting.

Demography is destiny and our is pointed headlong into extinction. Call it a conspiracy theory until the last Europanic is gone from the earth forever.  And Man descends back into the swamps from which he came.