Now that Obama-Oprah-OhNo has exonerated Jussie Smollett of 16 felony charges, and he got off scott free, then the only implication must be that the Nigerian brothers are guilty of the Hate crime attack and must be sentenced to death for a hate crime.

Everyone is reeling from the injustice of the Obama-Oprah-OhNo machine that must have pulled strings to stop this BLIGHT on the black race from happening.  what more can be said? It’s outrageous.

“How did the Noose and nigerian bodybuilders fit into Smullett’s fight for Justice and Equality” – Tucker Carlson


America is now a third world country where Black Priv is the new name of the game and Whites just shut up and pay endless taxes, we duh blacks and we duh gibsmedat take all of it ALL OF IT.

Kim Foxx let  Smollett go scott free

And what if the BROs face the electric chair for their crime. Will Smollett stay silent and let innocent men die? YOU BETCHAA!!!