They are getting 40,000 invaders a day on the border now. It’s insane.

When the holding tanks overflow, they give them a court date. And they never show up.

Instead, let’s VIDEO TAPE their asylum request, then escort them OUT OF THE NATION. We’ll call you in about a month after it’s reviewed. In fact, they can post the result on the internet!

There is NO NEED to ever release these invaders into our country. Ever.

Why can’t Trump think of SOMETHING, Anything

I fear we have learned a start horrible truth – Homeland Security is to abuse the Citizens, not to secure the homeland. Sick.

One IDEA is to build Asylum Processing RVs.  They would have stations and take an invader through as follows:

ID: Get Height Weight Photograph Fingerprints and Retina Scan

Claim Entry Station:   An Assistant will help them document the family member, assign each of them an ID and Claim ID.

Claim Video Station:   Video equipment to record their asylum request

Claim Printing Room: Print out a receipt and a web URL to check back for the verdict

Then march them back out a gate into Mexico.

But, this RV is supported by a building FULL of translators and claim processor judges. Who do the whole thing virtually, like flying a predator drone. They will be so efficient that most will get the verdict on their claim even before we shove them out of the nation.

No more catch and release.  Just have huge government processing centers full of instant judges and translators.

Build 10 of these RV Mobile Asylum Processing Centers for each place the caravans attack the border and scale up to more as more enter.

We can process them from entry to exit withing 180 seconds. Now that’s good old American Ingenuity.

As MOST of these invaders are NOT from MExico, NONE of they even QUALIFy to make an ASYLUM request. None! By international laws they MUST file in the first safe nation – MEXICO. So no, none deserve asylum hearings. So why doesn’t Trump do something? Send em RIGHT OUT! But nope, nope, he can’t do it, because the cuckitude is strong with him.  What a freakin sellout.